The remarkable success of Ethan Nicholas' iShoot Lite [App Store] seems to have inspired many developers to deliver free/lite versions of their own games. Here are some notable free/lite versions of games we've covered in the past and feel are definitely worth a try. App titles link directly to the app store.

Alien Mangle

Alien Mangle Lite - While the full game is a little rough around the edges, it provides a somewhat satisfying experience. And with the dearth of first person shooters on the iPhone, it's certainly worth a shot. See our review and gameplay video.

The Creeps!

The Creeps Lite - The full game ranks amongst our favorite Tower Defense games and offers some unique gameplay features. The colorful graphics and new sound effects add to the overall package. See our review and gameplay video

Space Ninja

Space Ninja Lite - Defying traditional categorization, this "dodging" game offers great controls in a fun game. Even if you find no interest in this type of game, we still highly recommend downloading the lite version to experience the "bullet time" slow motion and well executed gameplay. See our previous review and gameplay video.

Ivory Tiles

Ivory Tiles Lite - Another great iPhone experience. This is a puzzle game with excellent graphics and controls. Move the tiles to the proper location if you can. Another "must have" lite version just to experience the overall package. See our previous review and gameplay video. For those who have already completed Ivory Tiles, the developer has released a followup game called Shift [$2.99] which offers the same basic gameplay with 70 new levels.

7 Cities TD

7 Cities Lite - Some feel this Tower Defense game to be the best in the App Store. See our previous coverage and video.

  • rich_952000

    Yup, skip the lite version of Alien Mangle, buy the full version instead! Great game and Phart Games developer, Perry Hart, is active on TA. Have a look at the thread!

  • your personal robot

    I really think it's good that people have the chance to test Alien Mangle 😉

  • rich_952000

    Yeah, given your past conversations with Mr. Hart.......

    Very nice of you yourpersonalrobot.

  • your personal robot

    I hope it is not forbidden to not like a game, right?
    And I'm also not the only one who don't worship "Mr. Hart".
    There are people, who will like the game and there are people who won't.
    Like with any other game in the world... 😉
    Bye the way, I actually like Auto Mangle....

  • rich_952000

    Yep, Mr. Y.P.Robot, definately, you are entitled. And as I stated, I remember the thread. I am glad you like Automangle, however this article isn't referring to that game.

    I scoped your site out, it's not PG I worship, it's you(which damn robot are you? You all look the same!)!

  • your personal robot

    ....stays a secret 🙂

    And back to topic:
    the Creeps and 7 Cities are the two best TD games on the iPhone.
    And there is also a fantastic 30 level lite of shift (the follow up of Ivory Tiles) available in the App Store. Get this! Very polished.

  • Kia

    I want to like Space Ninja, I really, REALLY do. Those controls are just too damn inaccurate for a shooter. =\

  • your personal robot


    What? These are one of the most accurate controls on this device.
    Plus, you can fully adjust them.

  • Master Shake

    I recommend The Creeps, Space Ninja, and Ivory Tiles.

  • LordLad

    7 Cities TD all the way!

    The Creeps is good as an introduction to the tower defense genre.