Austrian developer Philipp Luftensteiner has just released space maze / shooter Zero Chance [link] through the App Store.  Zero Chance is both a top-down and a 3D third-person game--the orientation of the iPhone or iPod touch determines the perspective.

ZERO CHANCE is the ultimate challenge for the modern spaceman. In a distant future the space pilot is confronted with countless dangers. After the destruction of the mothership he has to survive in a hostile environment. Left on his own he faces terrifying alien technologies and fights his way to the inner planetary core consisting of turbocharged antimatter, where secret knowledge awaits him.

The situation seems hopeless. Very hopeless.

This on-rails title, which in third-person mode has a feel somewhat reminiscent of Game Arts' classic Silpheed, challenges the player to travel through space, successfully negotiating fields of obstacles of increasing complexity.  The top-down and third-person view modes each offer different ship control capabilities and certain situations can only be handled by one or the other mode, in particular.

Zero Chance features touch screen controls for ship navigation, speed and laser activation.  Gameplay ranges across 10 levels, from hyperspace to the surface of a planet to the core of an alien world.  Minefields, meteorite showers and towering laser turrets are among the hazards to overcome.  An online scoreboard allows ranking against players around the world.

See the developer's gameplay video.

App Store Link: Zero Chance, $3.99

  • Marcus

    The game seems very arcade-y, even the sounds do! It doesn't look very fun though, it's too slow? I'm not really a fan of these type of games so, yea, i may be biased 😀

  • Blake Patterson

    It's got lasers and "shooting," but it's much more of a 2D/3D maze game than a shooter. A little hard to classify, actually.

  • Skateboard313

    I'm personally just tired of these games..or this style i should say..i feel like we should be at this point getting actual polished games not just the basic accel. based control puzzle games! I wanna see some muilty player some action adventrue..something!!! lol

  • Aaron Sullivan

    Harsh crowd. I thought it looked pretty impressive.
    Skateboard313 this is not an accel based control puzzle game, btw. It's clearly controlled with touch. The accelerometer is used for controlling the viewpoint around your ship as far as I can tell.

    Though the stages seem to vary quite a bit, It looks like it could use a bit more polish (and change the clipping area? I suppose that COULD be a feature because stuff gets out of your way faster.)

    The sounds effects need a lot of help, for impact, but this is a solid idea, overall. I've never actually seen any game quite like it. At least not one where you can twist the device to get a different angle on the action and it's actually USEFUL to the gameplay.

    Any play this yet?

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  • Heronymo

    Interesting concept. Graphics are good too. The only thing that would bother me is the clipping when an object approaches the camera. I think it would look better if the object becomes transparant instead of just dissapearing. Or maybe a fade out of the object. As long as it doesn't just suddenly clip.

    That's the same reason I didn't get the other one that looked good. Rebel Assault I think? Only it's kind of the opposite in that game, where you can clearly see the objects and enemy ships appear out of nowhere. Kind of like they come out of an invisible wall. That would always bug me lol

    I'm hoping for a Colony Wars type game. Anyone remember that series on PS1?

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  • Beiz

    Well, I bought it, tried it, and have to say, while the game looks awesome and has a wonderful feel to it (graphics/sound), I find it insanely frustrating, seriously. The maps/levels are far too long, dying is like... hell, you want to break the ipod.

  • iGamer

    I have this app and I don't see how its a shooter of any kind.