As promised, Konami has released a Dance Dance Revolution title for the iPhone and iPod touch: Dance Dance Revolution S Lite [App Store].

As the name would imply, this 'Lite' (one song) version (which is free) is but a shadow of a full, paid version of the game...which is "currently in the works" and will be "packed with new songs and unique characters."

Have a look at our brief gameplay video of DDR S Lite.

Our forum members seem to like it.  We'll send out a heads-up when the paid version lands in the App Store.

App Store Link: DanceDanceRevolution S Light, Free

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  • Qohnn

    Looks Beyond Good. . . : D !

  • ShakingSpirit

    Awesome, but sad to say it's not in the UK store (yet?) 🙁

  • mimiju

    Not in the French store either... T_T

  • mimiju

    I mean Swiss store sorry.

  • Tetsuya

    Out on the us store 🙂
    Can't believe they inputted 花爛漫 -Flowers- in the game XD fab

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  • QuebecRage

    Don't bother buying this. The point of the DDR series is to dance or to do some exercise for others. What's the point of simply touching the arrows ? Another cheap way for Konami to make some money with the iPhone. Instead, encourage innovation from small companies. I,ll give my money to Konami when they but the EFFORTS of creating a game for the iPhone (I would die for a CastleVania exclusive).

  • DukeofAnkh

    Not in Australian store either.

  • Zdar

    Not in Spanish store either 🙂

  • Vende

    Quebec, you are way off. Obviously it's not the same thing as the real DDR, but you know what, who cares. It's still a lot of fun in it's own right

  • madmikefisk

    Personally, I thought exercise was only a side effect for DDR... primarily it, like all the other Bemani games (some of which were around even before DDR!), is just a rhythm game.

    That being said, I'm wondering why DDR and not a button-pressing game like, say, Guitar Freaks or Pop'n Music, but I'd probably chalk it up to name recognition of the DDR brand.

  • Owl

    I do think that the whole deal with it being called Dance Dance Revolution makes little sense when you are pressing buttons on a screen, but tons of people play stepmania and mungyodance with just the arrow keys. I've never been very fond of Tap Tap Revenge and the like on the iPhone, and after trying the demo I'm very, very glad DDR came out for the iPhone. Yayyy.

  • Andrés

    Love it 🙂

  • Mike

    =I want the whole game already

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  • A.A. Fussy

    I remember reading somewhere that the DDR iPhone game won't be released in Europe/Australia.