The developers of iPhone first person shooter Hill Billy have released a new trailer for their upcoming game. We first posted a teaser video of this iPhone game back in November which was simply described as "a first person shooter that users the accelerometer for movements."

The new video shows more details of the gameplay, monsters (mostly mutant bunnies) and weapons. The game contains an odd collection of themes and creatures.

The primary goals is to rescue all the carrots (huh?) while slaughtering "weird creatures" (as the developer puts it). The fight scenes are particularly gory with blood splattering across your iPhone's screen.

After a disappointing Zombie Mansion release, is this the FPS we've been looking for? "Coming Soon" according to the video.

  • Everydaynormalguy

    What the hell is that? I don't know whether to laugh or vomit...

  • Rocketman919

    Looks cool, im wating for zombie mangle more though. Heres hoping it comes out soon, cuz then i can get mahself a promo copy.

  • Nate

    It actually looks really fun. ONLY if it's not laggy.

    Great game to show off what an app store game can do with the blood splattering. Probably the most gruesome game there is. =D (until silent hill?)

  • Nate

    Zombie Mangle doesn't look good.
    It looks like you only get 1 weapon and those same zombies just come...
    But it's too early to judge.

  • SalsaMD


    See here:

    Looks like quite a few weapon options in Zombie Mangle.

  • Rocketman919

    @ Nate

    I think it does look fun, as do many others. HAve you seen the 400+ posts thread? And its not too early to judge, seeing as how it has been submitted. Twice. And if it controls as well as wastedyuthe says then sign me up!

  • along123

    Totally weird kind of FPS. If they showed it with the sound effects instead of the music then it would have been better. The graphics looks good though. To save the carrot? LoL!

  • ArtOfWarfare

    Odd soundtrack choice.

    Other than that, looks pretty cool. Graphics reminds me of Quake II but with an element of humor I'd expect from a game like Time Splitters.

  • Altrez

    I like the way the game moves and the graphics look very slick. I will pick this one up for sure!

  • Barry Ward (aka wastedyuthe)

    Hi peeps!

    "Zombie Mangle doesn’t look good.
    It looks like you only get 1 weapon and those same zombies just come…
    But it’s too early to judge."

    As others have said, there is more than one weapon. But you are right, there are a handful of zombies that keep coming at you, and it is also the same forest path setting in each level. Like I have said in the forums, the game does have some minor issues, and it is very basic. But we're not talking about an app that's going to cost the Earth- it's 59p/$.99 (if it ever gets released), which is well worth it to blow the crap out of some zombies.

    Back to this game, I like the fact that it looks to have buildings to walk around etc, but of all the things I'd like to 'rescue' in a game, I don't think carrots would be my choice!

  • Barry Ward (aka wastedyuthe)

    Just to add to my post above, if there is one thing that ZombieMangle has shown me, it's how a fps should control on the iPhone/Touch. Hopefully this game will have a similar system.

  • http://TouchArcade Quebec Rage

    Even if this game would be free I would not even install it. Looks really lame and random. I would go over great playtime (orion, aurora Feint, Rolando, HoS) over this piece of crap.

  • case

    can we say normal mapping and dynamic lighting, unf! i want to try this now 🙂

  • foodle

    Looks like someone's idea of twisted humor that fails to align with mine. I'm sure the developer thinks the weirdness is hilarious, but I'm not convinced that too many other people will. Engine looks good (number of polygons, frames per second, etc.), so maybe if someone would use it for a normal game (e.g. how about a simple space marines vs aliens, it's boring old hat, but it won't give me nightmares like exploding mutant limbless robo-bunnies will).

  • MacTheSpoon

    It's kind of a relief to see a FPS that's not about zombies or set in a dingy dystopian future. Nice change of pace, very funny!

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  • larrybeo

    I would have to agree there hasn't been enough "normal" shooters on the iPhone yet to neccesitate this type of game - but will it stop me from buying it? No. It looks worthy. Weird, but worthy.


    "I would have to agree there hasn’t been enough normal shooters on the iPhone yet to neccesitate this type of game"

    Normal Shooters? This shooter is anything but normal. And a zombie shooting game, or a futuristic space shooting game is a lot more ordinary and common than this game.
    But with arguments aside, this game does look like it mastered the first person engine on the iphone, and along with that, graphics, guns, and exploding body parts, it is going to have to be a must-buy.

  • DaunJuan

    ¡DuanJuan says: muy bueno! To all those with their panties in a bunch about gameplay, story, etc etc ..... I'm sure it will come. If you were an Indy dev wouldn't you like to show your "project in progress" to test the waters? If people didn't get excited/active about the project beforehand (in this blogness of hype machine we have going) then what incentive is there for the devs to make a good game? Give feedback and support and I'm sure we'll get a good game in the end. Cheers to the dev for pushing the iphone further then most!

  • SalsaMD

    with the failure of Zombie Mangle to get Apple approval, I doubt this will get accepted in its current form (blood seeming to be the issue at hand...