Munkyfun recently released their first iPhone game called Ivory Tiles [App Store]. Priced at only $1.99, this is a unique iPhone puzzle game that is particularly well designed and well suited for the platform.

The game is a puzzle game in which you must line up a tile or tiles to their appropriate location. The tiles will move in the direction you tilt (or tap) until they reach an obstacle. Through creative use of the obstacles and tiles, you frequently need to reposition the tiles to get them to slide into the appropriate spaces.

Ivory Tiles includes 80 progressively more difficult levels. Features include:

  • Over 80 hand crafted levels to pit your brain against.
  • Progressive difficulty means kids can have fun playing the early stages.
  • Supports both tilt and touch input control.
  • Beautiful mahogany boards and ivory tiles rendered in realtime 3-D.
  • Soothing authentic traditional Chinese music arranged by "Silk & Bamboo Ensemble" and "Cheng Yu"
  • Personal high scores tracked for each puzzle. Achieve Zen when you take it a step further and reach the "perfect" score.

What's most striking about the game is its level of polish and the fact that it really feels like an iPhone game with the appropriate use of the accelerometer for sliding. For those who prefer, touch control is also available.

As always, the gameplay video shows it best. Note that for the purposes of filming, the tilt sensitivity was turned up very high. It can be disabled completely if desired. (low resolution version also available):

App Store Link: Ivory Tiles, $1.99

  • Mimiju

    This game reminds me of the hacking mini-games in Bionic Commando Rearmed... But it was in a 3D cube in BCR...

  • Oliver

    Looks very similar to Mouse About. 😉

  • Alex

    looks very interesting.

  • Rob

    I've been playing(on and off) this puzzle game for almost a week.
    I got the recommendation from the TA forum.
    If you like logic solving puzzles, this game is for you.
    Great graphics and overall feel of this game.
    I am close to beating the whole thing, wish they come out with a newer
    version, i'll pay.

  • Larry

    Haha, I like the frantic moves at the end.

  • Rick

    Does anyone know when the developer is going to post hints. I'm stuck on some levels and could use the help.


    This looks like a fun game indeed! Problem is i already spend to much time playing on the damn iPhone!

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