Igloo Games has released Dizzy Bee 2 [App Store], the sequel to their popular Dizzy Bee

Meet baddies like you've never seen that will literally eat you up and spit you out! Can you help your Fruit Friends make their way through grinding gears, around sticky webs and past wild turrets? There are twice as many Fruit Friends as before for you to guide and protect.

Dizzy Bee 2 adds a number of new enemies, power ups and levels. Features include:

  • Tons of new enemies.
  • More Fruit Friends.
  • Difficulty levels: Choose "Easy" and "Normal"
  • Nearly 90 levels including Easy variations and Bonus Stages.
  • Finer control. You can hold your iPod Touch/iPhone flat to move enemies and good guys with more precision. (No more "too flat" warnings!)
  • Power ups! Finally the good guys strike back.
  • New bonus level rules!
  • Additional time bonus scoring. Beat levels faster if you'd like some extra points.
  • Auto sleep function has been greatly improved.

The introductory price is $2.99. The game is currently listed as compatible with 2nd Generation iPod Touch and the iPhone, but this was an oversight which the developer says has been fixed.

App Store Link: Dizzy Bee 2, $2.99

  • Brandon

    Finally. I'll probable wait 'till Christmas though to get it considering I've been spending too much, but this will bee amazing.

  • http://www.razorianfly.com James

    I love the icon! And I'm sure the game will be good also.

  • http://www.3deified.net Obiter

    Well this is a no-brainer. Dizzy Bee was one the best of the early iPhone games and has proven its value over time. Definitely one of my favs.

    I'm downloading DB2 without even reading the Touch Arcade description. It's just so obvious that Igloo understands the iPhone platform and how to make a game that it instantly accessible but deeply iterative.

  • Marty

    it may be similar to the orginal dizzy bee after playing with it for about 1/2 hour it has a few surprises there are new characters and new fruit friends in the shape of apples for example.

    the worlds and mazes are not that different however there is alot more humor for example you can the baddie gooble up your fruit friends, some enimies fall in love with each other when they touch this buys you time and is funny

    the best option is the ability to chose your difficulty level untill rolando comes out this is worth a serious look

  • Madison

    Ooooh YES!
    More Dizziness is always a good thing. The original was so incredibly cool that even the original with new levels would have made me buy a sequel. But they really polished it and added some fun new elements: alright!
    I am happy! This is the perfect game to play trying to ignore my family at Christmas.

  • http://donothaveone tejumang

    ignore family @ christmas...

    For christ's sake, why do You want to do that ??