I-play has released a new racer for the iPhone called Fast and Furious: Pink Slip [App Store]. The $5.99 mobile game was recently previewed by IGN who had a chance to play with an early BREW and Java version.

Designed as a pure arcade-style racer instead of a more narrative-driven game like the previous entry in the series, Fugitive, Pink Slip is exactly what the title promises: A series of breakneck races where your wheels are always on the line. The racing is spread across several different events, from drag racing to drift runs, but with one singular goal -- fill your personal garage with some of the flashiest rides straight from the films, including a special appearance by Dom's muscle car from the original Fast and the Furious.

Features listed from the iPhone version description include:

  • Pure arcade experience
  • 32 cars to win
  • 32 challenging races
  • 4 very exciting gameplay modes
  • Includes stunning cinematic cut-scenes

The four racing modes are described as drift racing, drag racing, point 2 point and police chase. i-play has provided this trailer of the game showing some fun looking gameplay:

App Store Link: Fast and Furious: Pink Slip, $5.99

  • Quincy

    I just said what the heck and bought this like a half hour ago.
    The controls are uniqley different which will make it more of a challange than asphalt at the same time less forgiving than fastlane.

    Graphics are smoother and have more glaze than asphalt but again less than fastlane. Seems to run smoother than asphalt also.
    I think it's a good addition to the racing games without beating the genre into the ground.

    Personally I'm waiting for NFS and if your watching your dollars you might pass this up but I found it intriguing enough to give it a go & it seems to have it's own little place by offering a enough different aspects to counter it's only comparisonable racing game asphalt.

  • Quincy

    I know this is off topic but i'd like to see a piece done on the
    Dark Knight bat mobile title

    it's really not much of a game but it's production looks incredibly stunning
    And those who've purchased it would love to see more out of the development (sort of like the new but now old spy hunter ps2 series)

    I even suggested a British intercom "Alfred" type voice that notifiys you of accomplishments and objectives or even vehicle integrity crisis.
    And of course enemy vehicles and maybe the Joker firering rpg's at you from a truck that you have to take out as one of many boss battles
    complete with independant thruster and gun buttons via opposite side corners of the device, tilt lane to lane steering, weapons upgrades ect.

    I'd just hate to see it left behind when it has so much potential and I feel leaving these concerns with Touch Arcade to filter as a voice it has a bigger impact on if we see the become a full fledged development!

    I know a lot has come out this week but if we could get a piece on this app and how to make it a promising addition to the console type games we're getting. I'd much app:)reciate it.

  • Quincy

    & just to let you know your app store link says
    "Fast and Furiouse Pink List"

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  • http://iphonegeniusbar.com/ Sayam

    Actually, from graphics in the trailers, it seems to be NFS rip-off to me. May be it's just me 😉

  • meme

    Need for Speed did not invent this street style of racing!

  • Maven

    LOL.. NFS= Never For Sale! What the hell is taking so long?!

  • joni

    i cant play racing game with motion control...
    It hard and it makes it headache!...

    asphalt 4 is the best racing game !

    good control with touch
    the best cars !
    just fun

  • Eric

    well I went ahead and got the game and well I really like it

    Game Options:
    Multiplayer ( not online )
    Garage ( to see your cars you have )
    Quick Race


    Game modes:
    Canyon Drift
    Road Race
    Cop Chase
    Drag Race

    Well this is as close to NFS as you can get till it comes out
    This is the closest street racing game

    the cars look really nice

    you can't customize them but they already have bodykits and rims and exhaust and carbonfiber hoods and wings

    I even see the honda S200 like in the first fast and furious with the snowflake graphics

    Drag Race:
    Exactly the same as in the NFS games
    You have a shift in the lower middle of the screen and as you go when it turns green you press it and shift

    Cop Chase:
    You race and as you do a cop car chases you, theres no siren noise or anything and I wish there was and its only 1 cop car chasing you. No cop dispatch talking like in the real game just you and the cop car and him trying to bust you. as soon as your close to him the bust timer counts down and when it reaches 0 your busted. Also I think as he hits you it causes damaged cause there are battery, oil and temperature icons on the top and as I raced they were all flashing and it said I was busted as he was ramming me from behind.

    Road Race:
    Just the typical racing mode. you can't drift in this mode, I tried so hard. you don't have brakes just nos bottle. It blinks and you press on it and use it and when its empty it fills back up and you can use it again.

    Canyon Drift:
    This is my favorite part. I have been wanting a drifting game so badly, if you want to drift then this will be alot of fun. Its a pure drift track thru the canyons. you have to rack up a certain number of points. it drifts just like in the NFS game where you link your drifts together to rack up points. and its really easy to drift.

    Graphics wise:
    I think they are nice, not as good as fast lane. But the graphics are enough to when you play you don't really care.

    I think this has more replay value then the other games. I don't find myself loading up the other racing games much cause they don't offer much variety but with drifting and drag races this game is more fun.

  • urgh

    just bought. and played

    hmmmm another quick attempt before the biggie"NFS" comes out

    its like Microsoft trying to sell the XBOX before the PS3 came out!!!! =.=

    game.....nothing special...seeing the review of the NFS, I think it will include everything this game has and more.

    don't buy unless you're a total race adddict,
    the asphalt 4 should be fine for now.
    3*/5 nothing special (controls are harder/annoying than asphalt)

  • Gsdudeman

    just beat rookie section of arcade mode. its not too shabby. The controls work fine, no problems so far and the graphics are pretty good. They are more sleek and polished than Asphalt's but not as good as NFS' graphics. Id give it 4/5. Video review coming soon on youtube by touchyreviewer (my iphone reviews channel)

  • http://no Dave

    This game is very cool 😉

    Fastlane Street Racing has top notch graphics and the best courses with so many details .. really amazing and just stunning the best I've ever seen on a mobile device. BUT it's just racing against cheating opponents, that never brake and always drive perfect, very unrealistic A.I. I'm unable to have fun with that game .. it's more like a graphical demonstration.

    Asphalt Racing does have so many different locations and all the licensed cars are great. So it's really fun to play and unlock new cars and cities.
    BUT the graphics are lame, this is not 3D in my opinion, just like the very old java games a little optimized. The cars are just undetailed objects with nice textures, not more. Texture resolution is very low and the game looks coarsely ... definitly no highlight for your eyes. Btw the game doesn't run really smooth.

    Fast and the Furious is just in the middle, so I like it very much. It does have better graphics than Asphalt and it really looks like 3D (not as good as Fastlane) and the game ist NFS like with different modes ingame (so much more interesting than Fastlane)

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  • Quincy

    @Jake: Thank you, I saw your post and e-mailed you. I don't know why they pulled it when they can't even fix the typo they made on the appstore link for this app, maybe your mini ad rubbed them wrong:)
    so I'm glad I saw it before they pulled it. It was great to see that hopefully we'll keep in contact you have my address now.

    P.S. Touch Arcade fix your link cause it's ruining your credibility!!!!

  • arn

    @Quincy: blog ads are simply not allowed. Jake knows that and is a multi-time offender. And I don't see the typo.


  • Quincy

    Unless I'm mistaken the typo is under the video play screen for the app.
    Sorry if I came off short it's just that seeing that kinds of feedback helps me get into the field while also building my own confidence. However if those are your rules it's your site. No harm no foul

  • Quincy

    or is it supposed to say "Fast & Furiouse Pink List" ? Under the YouTube screen?

  • arn

    @quicy: I still don't see it, but I retyped that part in case it was a character set problem.

  • Quincy

    Maybe it's just my phone but it says
    List instead of slip

    It's right above the 16 comments link directly under the YouTube vid
    Please tell me I'm not crazy:)

  • Allison

    It does say "Pink List" under the YouTube screen
    Shouldn't it be "Pink Slip"?

  • Quincy

    @Arn: I see you fixed it.......Your Welcome!

  • arn

    funny. I was looking for the "e", which apparently was a typo on quincy's part. fixed.

  • Quincy

    LOL acually that is funny...."blind leading the blind" 🙂

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  • Noah

    This game looks boring to me. *shrug* Won't be buying.

  • slappy

    STOP the madness. I'm going completely broke with so many of these cool games coming out fast. LOL

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  • http://www.techbot.net TechBot

    iphone and ipod touch is jumping high because of app store, app store make the iphone stand along in smart phones market, even it looks like taking down the psp.