• Author arn
  • Posted On2008-12-05 13:41:44
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Polarbit dropped the price of its boat racer Wave Blazer [App Store] to only $0.99.

We previously looked at this title and found it to be simple arcade fun. Wave Blazer also offers both single player and online multi-player gaming. It was originally priced at $4.99.

Gameplay video is provided:

  • zztfox

    This looks just like Raging Thunder except it is on water and not land.
    Since I already have Ragibg Thunder is there any reason to get this?

  • Crim

    Yup, I think you're referring to Hydro Thunder (Raging Thunder on water) and yes, I got that impression as well. I thoroughly enjoyed Hydro Thunder when I first got my dreamcast and if this is similar, I might have to make yet ANOTHER purchase this week.

  • rich_952000

    This is an amazing buy $.99! A full speedboat racer with a slew of courses and boats. Unlockable upgrades. So good and cheap I should have bought two! 😉