CobraMobile has released Low Grav Racer to the App Store overnight. While they do offer an official trailer, we've recorded this gameplay video showing off a couple of the early levels.

First impressions are quite positive. The controls are accelerometer based and are a bit on the sensitive side so take some getting used to. Weapons, speedups and shield power-ups are available as you race your way to the finish line. The game involves racing against the computer opponents in single-track play or competition modes.

The developer lists the following features:

- Amazing 3D iPhone graphics.
- Blisteringly fast and smooth game-play.
- Single play or Competition Play.
- 12 planet based tracks.
- Different ships and Race classes.
- Amazing soundtracks & 3D spatial sound.
- Missles, Mines and Mayhem.

Blake will be spending some time with this title to provide a more thorough review soon.

  • willi

    Looks a little framey... but it's hard to tell how much of this is due to YouTube. How's the framerate?

  • arn

    framerate is very good, so must be a youtube issue.

  • Jamie

    The ship movement is a little over sensitive and twitchy which makes it look less smooth than it actually is .... the framerate is pretty solid generally

  • Galley

    The sound effects are great.

  • Gregz0r

    Wipeout is obviously the inspiration here, but that's no bad thing!
    I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

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  • CrocStock

    @Gregz0r, nonononono,its much more of an F-Zero take than a Wipeout take because of the stubby ships and spacey backgrounds. Plus Wipeout controls are very direct and the ships do not tilt as vigorously as that.

  • menom

    this is really great - takes a bit of getting used to - but the sensitivity of the controls feels just right once you played it a few times

    you need to make (subtle) use of the air-brake (at left of screen) to make some leeway against the computer opponents as it allows to take bends more efficiently

    I'm finding that I can lose myself in this game more than I though possible with a mobile game

    all in all I think this is a polished app - the learning curve /difficulty seems really well balanced to me - sometimes you really do get left for dead - but you can leave them for dead sometimes too - usually its just a nip and tuck race - congrats to Cobra

  • Porsupah

    So far, I'm really enjoying it - it's a very easy title to get into, with, it would seem, plenty to keep you going as you acquire skill with the various craft and familiarity with the circuits. Not the cheapest iPhone title about, but one of the best.

  • MJ

    Makes me wish lucas arts had done a PodRacer game like the nintendo version ( upgrades, story, ect.). This video just really made me think of it.