Sputnik Games has released an iPhone take on the retro classic Asteroids through the App Store.  Aerolite [App Store] features updated color graphics that maintain a retro feel along with on-screen console style control buttons (that can be moved anywhere on-screen you like).  But is it fun?  It is if you like Asteroids.

Navigate the ship around the screen by pressing the virtual buttons and blow up the space rocks flying around. Level one starts off with only a few asteroids. As you complete each level more and more asteroids will appear making the game even more challenging.

A shortcoming of numerous Asteroids clones is sloppy ship physics.  Nothing of the sort plagues Aerolite; the ship's acceleration, deceleration, and overall control are spot-on.  The game features an ambient musical track along with sound effects, but a song from the iPhone's song library can optionally be played instead.

Several power-ups help out along the way: shield regenerator, triple guns, long life bullets, and machine gun.

See the developer's video:

If you're the type of gamer that would thrill at the prospect of walking the hallowed aisles of the Luna City Arcade, then $0.99 Aerolite is for you.

Game Details
Name: Aerolite (v1.0.1) Price: $0.99 [Buy]
Developer: Sputnik Games Size: 6.8 MB
Aerolite is a modern-day Asteroids clone that maintains a retro feel.  Most any retro gaming fan will find this $0.99 remake worth a grab.

TouchArcade Rating

  • http://www.connection.ca networkman

    This game is the real retro clone. Excellent game play. Asteroid fans will be happy. FULL sound as well!

  • parranoya

    This game is pretty darn good....the physics are great and the back ground ambient music is perfect. Well worth a dollar, american or canadian! ***** This one will stay on my touch for a while.

  • Rocketman919

    yes, i highly agree.

  • compuguy1088

    I've been lucky to visit the Luna City Arcade (In good old Va :)). It is a very impressive collection ofarcade games from before the video game crash.

  • Peter

    I am a sucker for old style arcade shooters. If you like this one, I recommend UFOWars as well (for the same price).

  • http://www.jsayreallen.com Jonathan Allen

    Well worth the $0.99. I used to play these types of games for hours on my old school Macs. This is one of the first games that seems to have decent on screen controls. Props to the developer!

  • http://www.blakespot.com blakespot

    @compuguy1088: I almost made it once. Had to go out of town at the last minute. :-\ Peter's arcade is about an hour away from me (Alexandria, VA here).

    @Jonathan Allen: Arn and I were both fans of Maelstrom, as well. 🙂 I was playing it on my 16MHz LC II back in '91. Relive the dream:

  • http://www.blakespot.com blakespot

    Another notable Asteroids clone is Stardust. It debuted on the Amiga in the late 80s / early 90s, moved up to the more graphically impressive AGA-chipset Amigas, and has recently been released on the Xbox Live Arcade. I assembled a photo gallery of shots from all three versions with the intention of doing a Byte Cellar piece on the game, but I've not gotten around to it yet.

    Here are the shots, though:


  • SteveJ

    This is a ton better then the awful Dreigit, but I have to say that I find the game pretty frustrating to play. I frequently find that I try to press a virtual button and it doesn't work. I'm not sure if I've simply drifted off of the button or if it just doesn't pick up flat fingered presses well. Probably both. I think the game would be helped by larger buttons as that would be more tolerant. Is anyone else having this problem with the controls?

    Also, while in theory the idea of being able to re-arrange the buttons as you please is good, in practice it is incredibly frustrating to do due to the wild inaccuracy of finger on touchscreen. Far more usable and useful would have been a variety of built-in arrangements to choose from. At least their is a reset button, which I ended up using and going back to the original arrangement.

    So, overall a bit disappointed, but I do like it enough that I keep hoping I'll get use to the controls and eventually figure how to use them consistently. So far no luck with that.

  • http://www.jsayreallen.com Jonathan Allen


    Malestrom! I couldn't remember the name of it! I should have, I spent hours and hours playing it.

  • http://www.blakespot.com blakespot

    Yea, Maelstrom was/is great. Download it from the indicated link and give it another whirl!

  • http://www.compuguy1088.eu.org compuguy1088

    @blakespot: Pretty much in the same part of the woods as you are (closer to Annandale and Burke). No clue when he's doing another open day....

  • Jelkster

    i love this site. i just purchased the game thanks to you guys! keep up the good work.

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  • Mike


    Yay for Maelstrom - I downloaded it a while ago.
    Now what I would like to see (ported to iphone) is Maniac - anyone remember that Pacman/Hangman cross?

  • Erik

    It's too bad that the volume control buttons on the side of the iPhone couldn't be used as controllers for this game. That would be perfect for spinning the ship in either direction!