Dave Frampton of Majic Jungle Software has just submitted a notable update to his unique, relaxing iPhone game DuckDuckDuck to the iTunes App Store [link].

Rubber duckies float in a pond with beautiful highly realistic interactive water, rain and snow showers, reflected clouds and relaxing ambient sounds.

This is the most realistic water available on the iPhone. With amazing reflection, refraction, animation and interaction, you won't believe your eyes.

But it isn't just pretty, it's a game too. The goal is to swim all of your ducks to matching colored whirl pools. Tilt to swim your ducks. Ducks can nudge other ducks off whirl pools, but don't tilt too far or they will swim away!

DuckDuckDuck v2.0 features:

  • The most realistic water simulation on the iPhone.
  • Reflected clouds drift by with occasional showers of rain or snow.
  • Two modes of play - time challenge or just for fun.
  • Saves when you exit.
  • 'Just for fun' gives many options for graphics and game play.
  • Multi-touch realistic water interaction with sounds.
  • Every duck, whirl pool, rain drop, or touch influences the surface of the water.
  • 'Time Challenge' gives time goals to meet, as well as the chance to better your previous times.
  • Relaxing ambient sound effects with bird songs, water, wind chimes and rainfall sounds.

Dave posted a new gameplay video demonstrating the updated title, which should be available in the App Store in the next few days.

App Store Link: DuckDuckDuck, $0.99

  • Eric

    i downloaded the game, its just like koi pond but with ducks and you have to move em to whirlpools and each time you complete it, more ducks appear

  • Tunawrap

    I love this..."game"! And that update looks pretty sweet 😀

  • darwiniandude

    I really like this game, this update will make it more of a game than it is now, looks good.

  • Daniel Rapp

    I downloaded this game a few days ago, yet has still not got the 2.0 update (still on 1.0)...

  • David Frampton

    The update is now in the store. Sorry for the delay.