Rocking Pocket Games posted a link in our forums to a preview video for their upcoming iPhone fishing game iFishing.

iFishing is a first-person perspective fishing simulator.  The game plays through a tournament scenario where trophies and cash are awarded based on how savvy a fisherman the player is.  There are fifteen lakes in which to fish which are unlocked based on award success.

Once a lake is chosen, the player is presented with a top-down view of the lake and can steer his/her boat to the desired spot using an on-screen steering wheel and throttle.  There's even a fish-finder--a nice touch.  Once the desired spot is reached, a first-person view of the lake and the player's fishing rod is presented, and with a jerk of the iPhone the line is cast.  Tilting the iPhone left and right controls the angle of the rod and once a fish is hooked, touching the bottom of the screen starts reeling him in.

As can be seen in the demo video, iFishing is a great looking game with lots of nice touches.  We were particularly amused by the option of chosing a photo from the iPhone's photo gallery over which to superimpose the fish you just caught for a victory snapshot.  Of course, there'll still always be the one that got away...

Stay tuned for a full review of iFishing when it makes its debut in the App Store.

  • iToss

    Looks like fun. Seems more interactive. Graphics are great. Me, I can't wait.

  • AeR4

    Reminds me on Creatures of the Deep from Idreams for NGage.

  • Barry Ward (aka wastedyuthe)

    Yes this could be the best fishing game yet. Looking good.

  • Manta Research


  • brendan

    just don't make the same mistake I made and buy "iFish," a totally lackluster waste. again, you want iFishING. not iFish!!

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