iPhone developer Moopf has released a free Lite version [App Store] of their peg puzzle jumping puzzle game Hiqup.

We previously reviewed Hiqup and found it to be a highly polished and fun game.

The game is a fresh twist on the old peg-jump game in which you try to eliminate as many pegs as possible by jumping over other pegs to remove them..

Hiqup, however, takes this concept a step further and adds its own twist to the game with bombs, black holes, teleports, free jumps and special spaces that must be filled.

The full version of the game comes with 10 standard peg boards and 47 original levels. The lite version offers a reasonable sampling of these to give you an idea of the gameplay, and the full version is only $1.99.

App Store Link: Hiqup Lite (free), Hiquip ($1.99)