Neon Surge, who brought us the 3D side-scroller SolarQuest has released Solar Blaster [App Store] through the iTunes App Store.

Solar Blaster is basically a simplistic on-rails, galactic 3D shooting gallery.  The player controls a mother-ship armed with three different weapons: machine guns, laser beams, and photon torpedoes.  The goal is simple: destroy the advancing onslaught of alien enemies (which happen to bare a striking resemblance to Death Stars and Borg cubes...).  Targeting is handled via accelerometer and the trick is to switch to the next weapon before the current one overheats and becomes ineffective.  It's a rather simple game but does provide mild amusement when one is in the mood for a little target practice.

Adding gameplay incentive is an integrated, online scoreboard that keeps track of who are the true interstellar marksmen.

Solar Blaster is available as a $0.99 download through the App Store [link].

Game Details
Name: Solar Blaster (1.0) Price: $0.99 [Buy]
Developer: Neon Surge
Size: 0.9 MB
Solar Blaster is a simple 3D shooting gallery set in space.  It's quite basic, but when you need to blow up alien cubes and spheres, need to blow up alien cubes and spheres.

TouchArcade Rating

  • NotYou

    I have to admit the graphics are kind of nice. I thought with the enemies being simple shapes the devs wouldn't have cared about anything looking nice. I still wish they would have made more of a game out of it though.

    It seems like they're taking the Starsmasher approach and releasing a partial game in hopes of gaining interest. At least they're not charging more than $1.

  • arn

    it's mildly amusing. but prob not worth any more than $1.

  • MaGCoL

    The enemy ships are basically Borg cubes and spheres. You know, from Star Trek. 🙂

    Very addictive gameplay, and the graphics are nice. Worth the $1.

  • slappy

    I like it at lot. Fun game. I hope they update it and add more enemies to fire on.

  • Gregz0r

    C'mon Atari. Give us Star Wars Arcade already. 😀

  • Oliver

    Hey, now that makes fun! And you can even reverse the direction. They learnt from StarSmasher :).

    Two very annoying things: It ALWAYS tries to get the online score. Hello? I don't have a connection in this building, so don't do this every time and annoy me with "can't get the online scores" messages during the gameplay. Just put "enable online scores" into the settings as a global switch and everything's perfect.

    Ok, you shoot with tapping. If you want to shoot more, you tap more often. Ok. But what'l ALSO reacting on a double-tap? A dialog which asks if you want to go back to the main menu. ARGH! I got this 5 times during my first play and it's really really annoying. Please make the "tap area" for shootings bigger. You know, bug fingers and such things do happen ;).

  • tvzoid

    It seems pretty fun. Good to play on bed =)

    TRUE. Vector Star Wars please!!!

  • stemilan0

    I love the weapons, they remember me unreal tournament 8D

  • Mackinstyle

    Anyone notice the chaingun sound is borrowed from Counter Strike? It's the SAW Machine Gun 😛

    I also found the sounds to get annoying VERY quickly.

  • Jon

    Looks like they've ripped alot of things off 🙂

    probably worth the $1 though, as long as they dont get in trouble for copyright 🙂

  • Constable Odo

    Borg Cubes (Star Trek) and Death Stars (Star Wars) in one game.

  • Stahl

    @Odo, for even having that name you should KNOW that in star trek the borg had Cubes and Spheres as well as other geometric shapes for ships.

  • Brennen

    Glad to see that a shooting game finally takes advantage of the accelerometer instead of just tapping.

  • Brennen

    Glad to see that a shooting game is finally taking advantage of the accelerometer and not just tapping.

  • mark

    The market here in Myrtle Beach is performing much better - I don't think we're going to ever see sales like there were in 2005