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  • Posted On2008-10-03 21:25:45
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In browsing the latest price drops, three notable games have dropped their prices significantly today.

Numba ($3.99->$1.99) - a touchscreen puzzle game that was well reviewed.

here's how it works: you're presented with a grid of numbers between 1 and 9, and your job is to create sequences by dragging your digit through adjacent tiles. A sequence has to be at least three numbers long, but its makeup is flexible. It might be three 1s for example, or a 1-2-3-4 sequence, or an incremental series (1-5-9).

Described as one of the more impressive puzzlers on the iPhone. How to Play from Developer's site.

Moto Chaser ($4.99->$0.99) - formerly called Moto Racer, this Freeverse title has dropped dramatically down to $0.99 from $4.99 for a limited time. This motorcycle game is a checkpoint racer and easily worth $0.99.

Rock'n'Roll ($4.99->$1.99) - this fast-paced 2d scroller was just released, but has already dropped from $4.99 down to $1.99 for the weekend. The game offers impressive visuals and has been well reviewed by outside sites.

  • http://www.chucksmith.de Chuck Smith

    Finally! I've been waiting for Moto Chaser's price to drop to get it! 🙂 Now still waiting for Pole Position Remix... meh

  • Dudehuge

    Zing! Remember folks, if it's not a must have (like Reign of Swords, what are you doing get it already) don't buy it right away.

  • wrangler

    I paid $4.99 for Rock'n'Roll earlier in the week and quite surprised to find it discounted so early on... however I don't really mind as its taken me over 3 hours to complete and I felt it was very good value for the $4.99.

    If anyone is thinking about getting this game do it now before the price goes back up!

  • Ed

    got all three, glad i got rock'n'roll for 1.99 (got moto chaser for 6 i guess, it was their 1st price-cut). three good games for their price.

    thankfully i got block breaker deluxe for 1.99 as well (they dropped the price after a week..)

    lots of games seem to be having a price-cut, could this be a new merge for gaming pricing in App Store? maybe "full" games from "big-name" developers are coming out? (i mean real ones...)

  • hexen

    Doh! I bought Numba 3 days ago - I paid £2.39 and it's now £1.19 on the UK store - still, I can't complain as I've been playing it like crazy over the last 3 days!

    It's a very slick, high quality puzzle game worth every penny!

  • Everydaynormalguy

    I don't know why so many people like Moto Chaser. I think it has terrible graphics and it's too repetitive. Not worth more than $1.