Punch Entertainment has released Reign of Swords [$7.99, App Store] for the iPhone. Reign of Swords is an online multiplayer game that can also be played on your PC.

The game is described by the developers:

Engage in epic online battles with a customized army in a fantasy world of magic, steel and strategy. Build up your army by gaining troops, technology & magic through engaging campaign missions that feature fortress sieges, ambushes, stealth attacks and huge open-field clashes. Then battle your friends online! Receive in-game rewards such as new units & technology each week based on your score in a kingdom. Play on your iPhone & PC.

Reviews for the mobile version of the game for other handsets appear to be glowing. Pocketgamer's review describes the game as "fantastic":

Set in a fictitious but familiar world of knights and realms, most of the action focuses on a simple system of turns. During your go you can move each unit of troops across a two-dimensional battlefield according to their range, also unleashing their particular brand of attack on an enemy. Once you're done, the opposition has its go, and so on until a territory is taken.

Meanwhile, IGN also had high praise for the mobile version of the game describing it as "an exceptionally deep game".

The iPhone version is selling at an introductory price of $7.99 (normally $9.99) for a limited time. An off-line version of the game is also offered if you are away from an internet connection.

App Store: Reign of Swords

  • Stan

    Is this only a multi-player game, or can it be played by a single player, against the computer for example?

  • mek

    i was thinking, 7.99, damn thats expensive initially, but then apparently its on sale

    looks tempting, but i would want to try it first, i refuse to pay to beta test anymore, esp. above 5 bucks

  • Asa

    This looks like a great game, I've been waiting for a turn-based strategy game, but I don't want to spend $8 until I read some reviews about how it plays on the iPhone. The reviews for other platforms sound good, but I don't want to be beta-testing a buggy iPhone version.

    When you get a chance I'd love to see a toucharcade review of this.

  • diesel

    Hey guys, i purchased this game and just spent the past 2 hours playing with it. it's a nice game if you enjoy turn based strategy games. the game is easy to pick up and play with immediately. the online component adds replay value to the game as well. during my 2 hour of play, there were no crashes whatsoever (on my iphone 3g with 2.1 firmware). the only issue that i had with the game was the somewhat "clumsy" way of scrolling through menus and such as well as the in game maps itself.

    other than that, this game reminded me of fire emblem for the nintendo gba and for me was worth the $8.

  • Ebola

    I agree with Diesel,

    Plenty of fun to be had here. I have not ventured into the multiplayer portion of the game yet (I'm still at work and don't want to make people wait if I need to actually do what I'm getting paid for) but the single player part is plenty of fun.

    The menus are a little clumsy - sometimes you just have to guess at when you may need to scroll down to see data that is not in a menu or on your screen, but for the most part, that is a minor issue.

    That being said, I can see this becoming my favorite iPhone game very quickly. Absolutely worth the $8. Knowing how much fun this is I wouldn't hesitate to pay $10 (Maybe even more).

    I'm having a blast with it. If you like turn based strategy with mild RPG elements just go for it - you will be glad you did.

  • diesel

    by the way, i forgot to mention that after 2 hours of playing with the app, the battery went down only a slight notch which was a nice relief. i suppose since this is a turn based game and isn't "processor" or graphics heavy, it probably doesn't drain the battery as fast as some other games like asphalt 4 or any other fast moving game

  • Eric

    Can someone tell me how to play online please?

  • NotYou

    I just figured that out last night. You have to take conquer two areas in campaign mode. I'm sure on the exact rules, but that seems to be the way it is. Before then you won't be strong enough to beat anyone online. I forget their names, but I finished the first campaign and the one just to the right of it and gave me a message that online play was now available and explained how to do it.

    Online play is kind of tough. You really need to have a strong strategy or you'll get crushed. Some people have been playing long before the iPhone came out, so some of their armies look like the Roman Empire's compared to mine.

  • Talarius

    There is a demo version for your PC available on their website as of 09/29/08 http://www.mobilebattles.com I'm gonna try it out first before I decide to buy.

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  • Daniel

    Does anyone know about any similar games to play on computer for when i don't feel like playing on my iphone?

  • http://www.batman.com fropple

    Huh, 8 bucks? I bought this for 2.99 pounds, about $4.5.
    Its a really great game aswell, totally recommended. The campaign will last you for ages and its really challenging (most of the time you are overwhelmingly outnumbered and have they have the better strategic position), especially later on in the campaign

    Five *****

  • God

    how do I cancel waiting battles to get my men back

  • God

    how do I cancel waiting battles to get my soldiers back?

  • junior796

    It's now three bucks. (USD's)

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