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  • Posted On2008-09-09 21:53:30
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Pangea Software is holding a sale on all their applications, including their three popular games.

These include (prices link to App Store):

  • Enigmo ($4.99) - From $5.99 to $4.99
  • Cro-Mag Rally ($1.99) - From $5.99 to $1.99
  • Billy Frontier ($3.99) - From $5.99 to $3.99
  • Cro-Mag Rally's price drop is the most dramatic being originally priced at $9.99 opposite Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D. In July, Pangea had permanently dropped the price down to $5.99.

    In our early review while we felt that while Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D edged out Pangea's offering, Cro-Mag was still a worthy offering at even $9.99. Now at $1.99, it seems an easy recommendation if you were looking for another kart racer.

    • Nagromme

      Enigmo may be my favorite iPhone app.

    • mrholder

      Cro-Mag Rally is worth the download, especially now. I have both Cro-Mag and Crash. They are both great apps. Enigmo is hard to me. I've only had it a few days, and I'm on level 7.

    • bitemark

      Wow, might be time to get Cro-Mag Rally. It always looked good, but I've been very happy with Crash. Done.

    • Toph

      Cro-Mag is still £2.99 in the UK store! Rip-off UK strikes again!

    • http://www.chucksmith.de Chuck Smith

      Asphalt 4 Elite Racing blows everything else out of the water. However, at $2, I'll have to pick up Cro-Mag Rally as well. My girlfriend says I get way too many racing games for the iPhone... now I'll have the complete collection. ...and yes, I can't wait for Need for Speed Underground. 🙂

    • Brett

      Has the price-drop for Cro-Mag actually been implemented in the US store yet?
      Because like a previous poster mentioned, it's still £2.99 ($5.99) in the UK store, and I'm wondering if it's gonna stay that way...

    • Brett

      Hmmm, actually the UK store is showing two different prices, depending on which page you look at, either a search results page showing it listed with other apps, or on the actual description page itself.

      See this screenshot:

      If I were to buy it, I wonder which of the two prices I would be charged...

    • Brett

      P.S: The same goes for Enigmo.
      Search results page shows it at £2.99.
      Actual description page shows it at £3.49.

    • arn

      @brett yeah. the u.s. store shows the lower prices.

    • Brett

      UPDATE: The UK store is now showing the new prices.

    • SteveJ

      I honestly can't say with certainty that Cro-Mag is worth the new price. I bought the game a while back and while it's a nice tech demo, it isn't really much fun to play IMHO. There are much more entertaining 99 cent titles available. I also don't think the motion controls work that well. They're fine when going slow, but when the competition is heated it just gets annoying how you end up turning left and right and left and right, trying to get it under control. Turning down the sensitivity helps a little, but not that much. I'm pretty skeptical of other driving games as a result, perhaps wrongly?

    • http://myspace.com/battlebornmusic Battle Born

      looks like it's time to give cro-mag a try.
      I've been wanting to, but to be honest, Crash racing doesn't keep me terribly entertained so I was hesitant to splurge on this one.

      as for Enigmo? It's an absolute must have. Hands down.
      totally worth the original asking price, and a great value at 4.99.
      This has probably been my favorite iphone game so far. but that's just me

      haven't tried Billy Frontier... don't know that I will anytime soon...

    • Pezdad

      Don't be tempted by the lower price on "Billy Frontier" - I deleted it from my phone and would not recommend it as a free game. The controls are UTTER CR*P, and make it unusable.

      Enigmo is nice, however.

    • Tkphotograph

      AT STEVEJ:
      I was at the same stance as you as far as racing games go, but I have not bought a racing game yet so I will try this one. I personally think Asphalt looks good. My question for you though Steve, is what are the more entertaining 99 cent titles that you are talking about. I really like simple games too, so fill me in.

      If anybody else wants to answer this though... I have been wanting to get a "big-name" game. Which should I choose (and I know they are drastically different), because I don't want to drop ten left and right.
      Asphalt, Spore Origins, or Real Soccer 2009..?

    • arn

      @tkphotograph those are very different games. Hard to say which one of those the is "best". In that there are genre differences. I could easily see people loving any one of them and getting bored of the others.

    • SteveJ

      99 cent and under games that offer, IMHO, more value and fun then Cro-Mag Rally:

      - Mote-M. It's a tower defense game and is very well done. I've played it way more than Cro-Mag Rally (not that they compare in type of game). Highly recommended.

      - Air Hockey (Bryan Duke/Acceleroto version - there is another game of exactly the same name and price by a different developer, which I haven't tried.) While it's exactly what it says and nothing more, I find that it makes for a fun way to kill a few minutes now and again. Latest update added nice improvements. I don't think I've played this more then Cro-Mag yet, but I've had more fun with it for the amount I have played it.

      - Word Whirl. Has some small issues, but overall this is a good word game and definitely recommended. I do hope they address some of the suggestions people have made in the reviews, but even if not, this is definitely worth the 99 cent price and I've definitely played it way more than Cro-Mag Rally.

      - Word Mix. Unscramble the 6 letter words by dragging the letters into place. That's it, but it's fun and a good brain exercise.

      Honorable mention goes to: Butterflies. The game looks like it was slapped together pretty quick, but it's fun anyway. I'd pick up the others first, but then if you've still got 99 cents left, why not? 🙂 Tilt to roll your roller skating girl left and right, jump and swing to catch butterflies, all while jumping over dogs and such.

      Also, there's a bunch of free games that are more fun then Cro-Mag Rally too and I'll mention some: Papi Jump, Papi River, Papi Pole, Black Jack Run Lite, Tap Tap Revenge, Fire Drop, Sol Free (if you like Solitaire). Sol Free and Black Jack Run Lite obviously are both demos of full apps, but they are complete games in their own right and thus worth including here.

    • BigD

      I can't believe I bought all these games at full price... Oh well guess I should have waited! They're great games though, so grab em while they're cheap if you don't have em yet!