Apple VP of Marketing Phil Schiller demonstrated several iPhone / iPod touch games at today's "Let's Rock" Apple Event.  Among these was EA's forthcoming Need for Speed: Undercover, a member of the publisher's expansive 3D racing franchise.

As Apple's Quicktime stream of the event shows, Need for Speed's visuals are truly impressive.  So that readers can get a quick and easy look at this particular demo, we wanted to share a YouTube video of Schiller's Need for Speed demo, just posted by SlashGear.

As indicated in an earlier post, Need for Speed: Undercover is set for release in North America on November 18 and in Europe on November 21.

EA posted a Need for Speed: Undercover teaser video several months back.

  • bloc party

    I'm sorry to be negative, but as usual the controls look lame.

    Accel controls are fine for unrealistic kart racing, but i really think they are clutching at straws with anything more than that. The presenter can't even control it smoothly.........

  • Nagromme

    I'm happy with Asphalt4: cars AND motorcycles 🙂

  • slappy

    This one blows Asphalt away easily. I have Asphalt and played it a lot, but this Need For Speed is just many levels above it. Getting it as soon as its out.

  • Oliver

    Seems like a nice evolution:

    Real Racers: GTS -> Asphalt -> Need 4 Speed

    Now I'd like to see the same development on Kart racers as well.

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  • Bartig

    So your car flips over if you're holding the iPhone too flat? That's terrible. It just doesn't make sense and added to that, it doesn't look realistic at all. EA needs to improve this, no matter how good it looks.

  • Gregz0r

    From a purely aesthetic viewpoint, Need For Speed looks to be (IMO) the first true PSP quality game For the iPhone/iPod Touch.

  • AIM-R8

    Looks great! Can't wait to play this.

  • jasmine

    serious? you guys like it? it sucks, frankly

  • Noah

    You've played it Jasmine? Thought it wasn't released yet...

  • iwebie

    Check out the Need for Speed UnderCover Car List ;

    * 2008 Audi R8
    * 2008 BMW M6
    * 2006 Ford Mustang GT
    * 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION X
    * 2006 Porsche 911 Turbo
    * 1998 Toyota Supra

  • wabaam

    UH hey people saying it sucks um yeah
    Clearly the developers are going to take
    out the bugs and control glitches in the
    game when it is released. And I am going
    to buy it!!

  • Jimothy

    webaam: That's like saying the Spore teaser was just a demo and the developers were going to make it into something decent. They talked it up, wasted an entire year improving nothing, and the game sucked. It had so much potential, but EA were too stupid to realise what the game needed to be.

    This game needs touch controls.. at least as an option. Accelerometer games are ok sometimes, but I'm sure as hell not going to sit on a bus steering my iPhone like a maniac.

  • carman94

    this game looks like its going to be the best racing game ever and all u people who say it sucks u just say that because you wish u could get it but u cant every 1 knows its gonna be a great game.
    IM GETTING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://- brian

    get it then

  • Wabaam

    Yeah uh dude im just saying they're taking out the bugs im not saying that its going to be as awesome as the console version