Fans of the old electronic football game will be pleased to learn that TouchGrove's LED Football [App Store] is now available on the App Store for $0.99.

The game is revives an old electronic handheld game from the late 1970s:

Feel the rush as your player moves down field. Watch out for Defense! They will take you down hard. Reach the end zone and you will hear the sweet sound of victory beeps. TOUCHDOWN! This is electronic sports at its best. The action of real electronic football at your fingertips and on your iPhone. See the LED display, so bright and hi-tech. Feel the molded plastic buttons created for fast-action. Hear the exciting Bleeps and Blips in full clear sound.

Gameplay video provided by the developer:

  • effzehn
  • [max]

    Not in the Canadian store, yet.

  • SteveJ

    For 99 cents I'll probably be buying this tonight. I loved this game as a kid. I do worry a bit about the controls, though. Button-based games usually don't translate that well, but Space Invasion works well, and this game is similarly simple control-wise, perhaps simpler, so hopefully this one will work well too.

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  • Dudehuge

    LOL I see people who were kids back then buying this. Me I'll pass, I see the novelty on the app though.

  • yeah

    Lawsuit on the way, you can count on it.

  • Dudehuge

    Did the original game look exactly like that? How about the name is it the same? If so, yeah expect this game to be pulled right away.

    Note to Devs: Change the look and feel and change the name.

  • Kevin

    Already pulled.

  • Tkphotograph

    I like how the person playing the game in the video looked really frustrated... haha.

  • dave

    the people who cry lawsuit are full of crap.
    Does this say NFL?
    Does it say mattel?
    Was mattels game called "LED football"?
    Was Mattels game software rather than a hardware product which could be confused with this could delivered product (assuming they hadnt stopped making it 25 years ago)
    Are there are other clone games of tetris etc by other names?
    can you trade mark a red LED light as art?

    no freaking lawsuit

  • Price

    It still appears in my iTunes app store. I as well say that there will be NO lawsuit. And my word is law, end of discussion.

  • dave

    "already pulled"
    funny, i just bought it

  • Dudehuge

    Copyrights don't expire unlike patents.

    Plus *sigh* devs should be more clever than this. It looks almost the same as the original down to the buttons. He could've changed the look and feel of the buttons and some of the colors and he will get away with it.

    Here's the pic of the original,

    We can all blame and hate the evil corporatzis for their ways but they're just trying to protect their copyrights and trademarks. Plus the idea that he has is not original it's borrowed from them anyway so no one's at fault.

    *Note to devs, more original ideas, SERIOUSLY WE, THE CONSUMERS, WANT IT.

  • Phil

    very fun game

  • SteveJ

    I really doubt this is going to be lawsuited away. It's just too old and I really doubt the copyright holders are going to care.

    I did buy the game. Unfortunately I haven't been able to try it because... my new replacement iPod Touch just crashed last night while installing it and, for me now this is the 6th time, first time on this iPod touch, I'm in restore hell. I got a replacement iPod Touch 2 days ago, the previous one having done this 5 times, every happening during an install. Firmware 2.0 is completely and utterly broken - I don't care what happens during an *application* install, it shouldn't corrupt the device dead. Sigh. I really hope Firmware 2.1 is the *real* Firmware 2.x, but I'm honestly skeptical that it will work, because Apple doesn't really know what is going on. They claimed to me at the Apple Store that it was due to some applications not "sandboxing" themselves as required by the guidelines, but I call bull on that. The only time this happens is during installs, and it has happened twice now when installing an application from iTunes (the other 4 times via the AppStore on the iPod Touch). Apple shoveled this unfinished firmware on us way too early. They don't even know what is wrong with it.

  • Nursedad

    Anyone else have issues with this game after the 1st qtr? My version freaks out. LED players speed "significantly" and basically make the game unplayable. This game is well done...but this bug needs to be addressed.

  • SteveJ

    Nursedad - yep. I've run into the same thing. The first quarter was great fun, but then the game goes haywire. Not only did the players start moving crazily, but it actually switched my scores. I was winning 21 to 0 and then the score was 0 to 21. I hope they get an update out soon to fix this, as the game is a lot of fun. Definitely worth the 99 cents. Just needs an update to fix that bug.

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