Earlier this week we reviewed Egerter Software's top-down helicopter shooter Blue Skies [App Store].  The game debuted at a price of $9.99 in the iTunes App Store.  After listening to feedback through comments on our review posting and a related forum thread, the developer ('RPGGuy') has lowered the price to $5.99.

The developer has also created new terrain graphics utilizing double the texture size of the original, which should appear soon in a Blue Skies App Store update.

Thanks for taking user commentary to heart, RPGGuy.

(At the time of this writing, the product page is still showing the original $9.99 price, but we have confirmation that the reduced price is now in effect.)

  • WhySoSerious

    nice, i like it when developers listen to the community; however, for me, i'm not spending more than 4.99 on any game. just not worth it.

  • SteveJ

    It's finally showing as $5.99 on the application page, at least in the AppStore app version. I just ordered it and am downloading as I type, though won't be able to try it out until later today.

  • kevlar

    Great news, nice to see developers listening to feedback ( and low sales, obviously! ). I was one who moaned about the price and as its been dropped I've bought it. Its quite good.

    The thing is how are developers supposed to bring price drops to peoples attention? once an app has slid off the new releases page in the app store the only way back to the top is with an update as far as I can tell. It's fine for us as good sites like this keep us informed but I'm sure many apps have had price drops which have gone completely unnoticed.

  • Nagromme

    If a game is fun and has a lot of content and depth, it's worth $10 to me. Maybe more--it could be every bit the game that a $25 shareware game is, and I can play it more places!

    That said, I do prefer free 🙂 And this game probably falls somewhere in the middle of the pack

  • http://www.chucksmith.de Chuck Smith

    I just bought it too! It's only 5 euros here. 😉 Yeah, I know that's more than $6, but it feels like less. Then again you have to calculate the 19% sales tax (ahem, "value added tax") here in Germany. bah

  • Rojo

    Another game (like Enigmo) that I was on the fence about, and this will finally tip me over to the "buy" side! I bet it gets a ton of downloads now...

  • MilesO'Toole

    Has it been updated yet? I don't want to download it only to have to re-download it when the impending update comes out.

  • rpgguy

    The update probably won't be available for 1.5-2 weeks.

  • kevlar

    rpgguy, how are you spreading the word that the games has had a price drop? My concern is that no one knows unless they visit an enthusiasts site like this one.