Frotz [App Store], the free interactive fiction application from Craig Smith, has been updated to version 1.0.1. The latest version addresses performance issues that the 1.0 version had suffered from. Changes include:

  • Performance improvements: Frotz no longer slows down during long sessions, and uses less memory.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and interface improvements
  • Added help for users new to Interactive Fiction.
  • Support for deleting bundled games from Story List
  • Support for transferring games with MobileFinder
  • Interactive Fiction, better known as “text adventures” was a popular game genre in the ’70s and ’80s when computers were text-based or offered, at best, very limited graphical capabilities. Frotz brings those adventures back to life on your iPhone. We previously reviewed this free application.

    • Nagromme

      I'd like to be able to choose text and backdrop colors. At least offering white/green/light blue/amber on black for that retro look!

    • Jeff M

      I would love to see the ability to sync with a small app on the computer, like "Things" does, that would allow me to move my infocom games into Frotz without having to jump through hoops. I have them moved to my dotmac account's file share at the moment, but every time i try to log in through Frotz's browser, it crashes.

    • spathiwa

      It's silly for every app to have to reinvent the wheel. I'm not interested in having to develop and maintain separate standalone apps for Mac and PC, including installers, just to duplicate functionality already provided by other apps and that really should be provided by Apple for everyone's benefit.

      Just buy MobileFinder for two bucks on iTMS. Then you can use any FTP client to copy Infocom files to your phone. Frotz 1.0.1 can read and play files downloaded via either MobileFinder or as File Magnet.

      I'll investigate the problem with dotmac and if I can reproduce it and the problem turns out to be in Frotz and not Apple's SDK, I'll fix it.

      -Craig Smith (Frotz developer)

    • Jeff M

      Alright i'll give it a shot... I thought MobileFinder was only for jailbroken phones. Just found it in the store Thanks.

    • nomand

      it's a great app, there is not a single thing I'd wana make it better, except for one, it's ugly icon and splash screen 😛