Pattern Making Co has released an update to their spherical puzzler Radius for the iPhone. Version 1.02 [$3.99, App Store] can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

Radius is a fast-paced action game that presents the player with a shiny sphere that can be rotated with finger swipes. In random locations all across the surface of this sphere, enemies are constantly spawning. The objective of the game is to stop them from destroying the sphere by tapping them to destruction. In time, the frequency and number of spawning enemies increases to a fever pitch.

The Radius update page indicates the following changes in the v1.02 release:

  • Fixed Sphere Disappearing
  • Fixed Spawn Rate Glitch
  • Fixed Top Nav Appearing
  • Fixed Game Crashing
  • Implemented Tap, Drag, Stop Controls
  • Implemented New Spawning Logic
  • Optimized Graphics

We previously reviewed this title and found it to offer unique gameplay with a distinctive futuristic feel, but found the controls somewhat unintuitive.Β  While the "tap, drag, stop controls" that the developer has implemented in this title do help the situation, we find that the control method we feel is most natural--drag sphere and release when target orientation is reached-- still suffers from unintended drift.

Our full review has been updated to reflect these latest changes.

Thanks to VeganTnT

  • halogen8

    Awesome news. Many thanks to the developers.

    This along with the 2.0.1 update should make this game (and apps in general on the iphone/ipod touch) a lot more enjoyable.This game is definitely worth the price, especially now that it's more stable.

    In the future, I'd like to see some minor feature edits such as a volume control (for us iPod touch users) and the ability to play music while playing this game. (Not that I don't enjoy the ambient sounds it has during gameplay, but I'd love to listen to some Autechre other music that would be very fitting for this game).

    Keep the updates coming folks.

  • genshi

    Tis a very nice update. They will possibly have a new update soon with added music... I was just hired by the developer to create a few musical loops for the game. πŸ™‚ The first one I did was sort of an ambient bladerunner-esque loop. Being that Autechre is one of my favorite projects, maybe I'll do something like that as well for the game! They are trying to keep the game under a certain size limit so the loops are fairly short, but I'm trying to make them enjoyable and not too monotonous.

  • Ryan

    Still crashes constantly.

  • Lapixx

    I don't have any problems with Radius, even not before the 1.02 update... It doesn't crash, and there's nothing wrong with the controls. Seriously, I do play it very often, so if it crashes, you probably have other things that don't work good.