Late last week we covered EspressoSoft's rather promising looking upcoming iPhone shooter, StarSmasher.

We're pleased to report that the author, John Bowers, has posted a sample gamplay video which, although just a short glimpse, shows the game to be everything we'd hoped for.

Strong work, John. We can't wait for the App Store release.

StarSmasher is expected to debut in the iTunes App Store in the next few weeks and will be a $2.99 download.

  • George Masters

    5 seconds into the footage and I am in.

  • blakespot

    Reminds me of a game-version of the intro to the late '80s Amiga classic Blood Money.

  • clark

    finally, star fox is back and better than ever!AND TO WHOEVER MADE THIS WEBSITE, THANK YOU

  • Matt McCarty

    I hope LucasArts makes a Star Wars game like this for the iPhone.

  • OmniGeno

    @Matt McCarty:

    Rebel Assault 3? Heh heh.

  • mavis

    Looks killer. I'll be buying this on launch day, FOR SURE. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Matt Burris

    OmniGeno: I was thinking more along the lines of X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter.

  • Rojo


    I was wondering why no one was taking Apple's "Touch Fighter" lead, and making a game like this. Looks WAY cool, and at only $3, I'm all over this!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Icepulse

    I'd rather pay $10, and have a "Freelancer" kind of experience tied to the pretty shooting. Trading, job boards, an open star-map, etc. That game looks nice, but where's the beef?

  • Odog4ever

    Um, I hope their is an "auto-fire" option. Constantly tapping on the screen like that looks annoying. Either a toggle in the settings or keeping your finger held down on the fire button. ( Just my two cents as I have no information on the game mechanics aside from what I see in the youtube video)

    Probably will still get it if it stays cheap.

  • John Bowers

    The 1.0.1 version (which is the one in the video) has auto-fire and is currently out to Apple for review. The initial release will be the 1.0 version because it has already been approved and is in the App store machinery.