Macworld's Dan Frakes took the time to buy each one of the 18 Sudoku applications and determine which were the best of the bunch. Frakes managed to narrow the field to 3 top contenders.

Sudoku Vol. 1 [$5.99, App Store] by Hudson Entertainment was his first pick. Its described as the best Sudoku application for beginners in that it offers a tutorial mode to help guide you through the puzzles. While the game provides helpful tools and customizations, it only offers 50 levels and requires you to solve easier levels before getting to the harder ones.

Big Bang Sudoku [$4.99, App Store] from Freeverse offers a shiny interface and is said to be simpler to us than Hudson's offering. This version also offers over 10,000 levels across four difficulty levels.

As his last pick, Frakes choses EA's Sudoku [$7.99, App Store] which has been updated from the iPod version and delivered to the iPhone. The game offers 10,000 unique levels and beautiful graphics (pictured above). One unique feature to EA's version is "Newspaper mode" which allows you to manually enter and play puzzles from a book or newspaper.

A more in depth look at each version's interface is provide in the Macworld article.

  • clarkcorwin

    I personally think that Sudoku Unlimited is the best play for the money. The control style was superior to all over the other game too. It worked with the iphone instead of looking like a cheap port of a handheld.

  • Scott Johnson

    I haven't played any of these (yet), but I must say that EA's Soduku looks awesome in that pic above.

  • David Solberg

    Dan's review was great, but in the notes I was able to find the perfect solitaire game for me: Solitaire Unlimited. The notepad "skin" looks awesome, the game starts in about 2 seconds, and everything else pops up instantly. That's just what I want so I can concentrate on solving the puzzle. I also like that the number pad pops up right next to the square, so I can enter quickly without moving my hand. However, Dan wanted the keypad away from the board; otherwise, he said it would have been a top pick.

  • Darrell

    I too prefer Sudoku Unlimited. Great interface, great price.

  • Murray

    Hudson just put there price up $2.

  • Stephan

    I like the Mighty Mighty Good Games version of this puzzle. The interface is super clean and easy to use. It has a lot of features, but still intuitive to use. I tried the others, but this one stuck.

  • Chris

    You might be interested in checking out my new app: Sudoku Grab. It's pretty cool - you can grab a sudoku puzzle from the phones camera!

  • David Ross

    My app Uni Sudoku was not released in time for the round-up review but Dan rated the Mac version 4 1/2 stars. The controls are out of the way of the game board and large sized. A tap enters a possible, tap tap enters a solved value, and press and hold highlights that digit.

  • Richard Burton

    FREE - Sudoku in a spin, 10,000 Puzzles, 5 skill levels, 4 game modes.. iphone ipod & ipad