The hottest selling game console out there today, as readers are probably aware, is the Nintendo Wii. The game owned by more Wii users than any other is Wii Sports, a pack-in in many regions.  Happy, cartoony sprts games done right, it turns out, have wide appeal.  This is good news for iPhone owners.

Freeverse, one of the many development houses who have jumped on the iPhone SDK bandwagon, are bringing  a variety of such titles to the platform, all of which look rather promising.  Have a look.

Freeverse Sports

Using the iPhone’s unique flick/pinch feature, we’re working on Golf, Bowling, Soccer, and Baseball (to start). Fun, colorful and quick, these will be ideal games for a modern mobile platform.

Flick Sports: Moto Racing
Flick Sports: Moto Racing

Ah, the wind in your hair, the bugs in your teeth and the open road stretching out in front of you! Using the iPhone’s cool accelerometer, (you know, that doohickey that knows when your iPhone is sideways or not), you can steer your motorcycle to victory in this wild racing game. Awesome characters and a touch of humor, its a Freeverse game after all, will add to the fun.

We look forward to playing these titles on our iPhones as well as the future titles Freeverse is "keeping under wraps" for now.  Stay tuned...