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This has been a crazy week for us between the release of iOS 11, new iPhones, AR Kit, and so much other stuff that this podcast just blows by with us discussing all these things. iOS 11 is a huge boon for the iPad, we're not super-sure on AR Kit, and it was really curious hearing from my UPS driver that there wasn't a ton of of iPhones that they even delivered today. This week has been exhausting, so come unwind with The TouchArcade Show.

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Deliria, $1.99 - Deliria is a little nugget of a mobile game recently released by Eldritch, an indie developer outfit. Deliria is a 2D sci-fi base defense and exploration game where you take on the role of an overseer tasked with setting up and defending a mining base in an alternate dimension. Mysterious creatures attack your base and you, as overseer, must repel the onslaught. You also soon discover that terrible things have happened to previous crews as you venture further and you must find out why before the same happens to your own crew.

Deliria is short and sweet if you're looking for something to play over the weekend and not devote your entire life to it. It's now available to download for just $2 on the App Store and Google Play.


TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Morphite'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game in a review, the game with the best graphics, or really any other quantifiable "best" thing. Instead, it's more just us picking out the single game out of the week's releases that we think is the most noteworthy, surprising, interesting, or really any other hard to describe quality that makes it worth having if you were just going to pick up one...

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While we're primarily supported by a mixture of Patreon, Twitch subscriptions and Amazon referrals these days, site sponsors go a long way in making up for the funding shortfalls of our Patreon never reaching its goal. To show our appreciation, we are now publishing these posts thanking our sponsors each week- Both to give them a little extra visibility and hopefully to get readers who love TouchArcade to give their games a look to similarly support their efforts in allowing us to continue to provide everyone with awesome third party mobile games editorial which the App Store ecosystem badly needs...

Apple is using the revamped App Store in iOS 11 with its added emphasis on curation and editorial to bring us news of a substantial update for Super Mario Run [Free] that's set to hit next week. First up is a new mode called Remix 10 which takes 10 bite-sized chunks from the existing levels in the game and has you play through them in quick succession. There are also rainbow medals spread throughout for you to collect, and it sounds like it'll be a different experience each time you play the new mode. There's no failing this mode, if you don't make it through a level you'll just move onto the next one, but playing well and collecting the medals will allow you an opportunity to earn new items for your Mushroom Kingdom, culminating the the grand prize of a brand new character: Daisy. Once you've unlocked Daisy through Remix 10 mode, she'll be playable in the rest of the game, and comes with a new double jump move that should give players a whole new way to play through the game...

I like playing card games like Hearthstone and Elder Scrolls: Legends, but sometimes I get the itch for some more tactical gameplay, which is why I've been waiting to get Duelyst on my phone for quite some time now. Stormbound [Free], a game that has released globally this week after a few months in soft launch, brings to the table a fun combination of card collection and tactical gameplay that looks simple at first but has enough tactical depth and interesting ideas to scratch that itch. I've been playing it quite a bit this week, and I've been having fun playing both against the AI and against others. My only reservation is that matches take a bit too long and that the threat that is pay-to-win does rear its head here and there...

Vainglory [Free], easily the most recognizable mobile MOBA, is kicking off its North American and European Vainglory8 Autumn Season tomorrow, so it you enjoy some good MOBA action, you should tune in. Over the new few weeks, teams like Cloud9, Hollywood Hammers, Gankstars, NOVA eSports, Rogue, Fnatic, and G2 Esports will compete for a spot in the World Championship in Singapore, which will take place December 14-17. It's a pretty tough contest given that only one team per region will qualify for the World Championship, so the stakes are definitely high. European matches will begin at 9AM PST and the North American ones 2PM PST. And, of course, you can watch the matches on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook...

Science fiction fans will know that we are getting a new Star Trek show called Star Trek: Discovery this Sunday, and it's kind of a big thing since we haven't had a new Star Trek show in more than a decade. To celebrate the new show premiere, Star Trek: Timelines [Free] has already added two of Discovery's characters: Commander Michael Burnham and Lieutenant Saru. But starting October 5th, Timelines is ushering in a month-long mega-event called "Discovery: A New Anomaly." As you would expect, this new event will add new Discovery crew, ships, and stories into the game, which should be a treat for fans of Star Trek and of the new show. The event will consist of 4 individual weekend events, so it should keep you busy for some time...

Halfbrick Teases New Augmented Reality Thriller 'Shadows Remain' with Great New Trailer

When you think of Australian developer Halfbrick, you probably think of slashing fruit in Fruit Ninja, playing as the bad ass Barry Steakfries in one of his many games, or typically colorful and upbeat arcade-style titles. It's really what they're most known for. Today the company is teasing its newest upcoming mobile game, and it's totally out of character for them in the best way possible. The new game is called Shadows Remain, and they describe it as an augmented reality thriller. No real gameplay is shown in the teaser but it sets an incredible mood...

TGS 2017: Hands-On with 'Battlesky Brigade'

It feels like cute characters plus strategy game is a go-to approach for a lot of mobile developers these days, perhaps in the hopes of catching some of the run-off from Clash of Clans and its brethren. Battlesky Brigade is another such attempt, but apart from its frankly adorable character designs, it doesn't seem to have a lot of the necessary hooks to stand out. I had a chance to play a little of the game at the Tokyo Game Show, and while it's fun enough, I wonder if it can compete in a very difficult genre...

TGS 2017: Hands-On with Ganbarion's Gorgeous 'Shurado'

It seems like every year, I find one hidden gem that really jumps out from the rest. This year, that game was Shurado, a new action game from Ganbarion. If that name is ringing a bell for you, it's possible you saw it on any number licensed games based on properties like Dragon Ball or One Piece. Their most famous games in the West are probably the Nintendo DS Jump Stars fighting games that mash up a variety of manga characters. Shurado is something different for the traditionally console-based developer, but if what I played is indicative of the final game, they may have something big on their hands here...

TGS 2017: Hands-On with Glaciwaker Entertainment's 'Smith Story' and 'Slime Legend'

One of the things about making your way through the indie game section of the Tokyo Game Show is that some of the games you play come from developers who haven't yet found a publishing partner and are unable to take their game worldwide as a result. One such developer at this year's show was Glaciwaker Entertainment, a Taiwan-based developer who had two interesting games at their station. Both of these games have already soft-launched in a few regions but haven't yet made the jump to a wider launch...

Get a $100 iTunes Gift Card for $85 on Amazon

September 22nd, 2017 1:15 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News, Sales
Free Buy Now

Finding deals on iTunes gift cards typically isn't that difficult these days, but it usually involves jumping through at least a few small hoops. Things like buying through eBay, being a Costco member, and other stuff which are ever-so-slightly more work than just hitting "Buy Now" on Amazon and getting a gift card worth $100. That's the case with today's deal of a $100 iTunes gift card for $85. Mash the link, hit buy, add the code that gets sent to you to your iTunes account, and you just saved $15 on apps and games...

TGS 2017: Hands-On with 'Rhythm Doctor', a 'Rhythm Heaven'-Inspired Music Game

To be frank, I'm surprised that there aren't more clones of Nintendo's Rhythm Heaven out there. Especially on mobile devices, where the touch-friendly controls would be right at home. But when you really think about it, as simple as those games appear to be in some ways, they're probably really tough to pull off. Every once in a while, we do see games that try to channel its spirit, even if they're not exactly the same thing. Such is Rhythm Doctor, an upcoming release from 7th Beat Games. I got to give the game a try at the Tokyo Game Show and was even able to grab a video of one of the hardest stages...

TGS 2017: Hands-On with 'Pocket Quest', an RPG from Firi Games

Developer Firi Games is best known for their Phoenix series of hardcore bullet-hell shoot-em-ups. While their presence at the Tokyo Game Show was mainly to show off the latest in that series, Phoenix 2, to Japanese audiences, I managed to convince them to show me something from their next game, which is a slightly unexpected change from their usual fare. Pocket Quest is an RPG that Firi games has been planning for a very long time, and with Phoenix 2 settling a bit following its anniversary update, they've finally had the chance to dedicate their full attention to this charming little game. They even allowed me to capture some footage of an early version of the game...

It's hard to believe that only a couple of years ago, Square Enix was dedicating a significant portion of its booth space to mobile games. This year, it was hard to see anything but Final Fantasy 15 spin-offs and add-ons in Square's space. They had a dedicated area for the upcoming PlayStation anniversary edition of Itadaki Street, a small space for Secret of Mana's remake, and an area for the popular MMO Final Fantasy 14. The only speck of mobile gaming to be found was in a video showing off the upcoming Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition...

Konami has certainly scaled back on their gaming projects in the last few years, and their booth size and location reflects that to an extent. Still, they had some of their heavy-hitting brands on display at Tokyo Game Show, including Metal Gear Survive, Zone of the Enders VR, and others. The most popular game by far, however, was their upcoming mobile release LovePlus Every. The line-up to try the game out in its "Mobile VR Experience" form was quite lengthy for almost the entire day...

TGS 2017: SEGA's Mobile Offerings Include 'Yakuza Online' and 'Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation'

It's often said that SEGA of Japan and the Western branches of SEGA operate in very different ways, and that's always apparent at their Tokyo Game Show showings. Mainstay mobile products of the Western side like Sonic Dash and SEGA Forever are rarely seen, while the games they do tend to show almost never make it to the West. Still, it's always interesting to see just what kinds of games the company is putting out there, especially for a market as competitive as Japanese mobile gaming. This year, they didn't really have anything playable, but they did make a show of at least two mobile games in their booth...

TGS 2017: Hands-On with 'Stay', an Atmospheric Adventure Game

With mobile phones and tablets practically becoming everyday tools for many, they present a unique narrative opportunity for certain types of games. We use our mobile devices for all kinds of things: making calls, sending texts, checking the web, watching videos, listening to music, and more. They're a window into the larger world, and with that being their established role in our lives, there's no reason they can't also be a plausible window into a fictional world. We've seen some games play with this concept already, from games like Republique to Lifeline. The upcoming release Stay, from Appnormals, looks to build on this idea with an even greater level of immersion. I was able to give it a spin at the Tokyo Game Show and record it for you...

The Best Graphically Impressive Games to Play on Your New iPhone 8

Every year when new iPhone or iPad hardware rolls out, we like to put together a list of the fanciest and most graphically intensive games that will show off the power of your shiny new devices. However, for several years now that type of list has become harder to put together for a number of reasons. One is that the yearly hardware improvements in terms of graphical performance have become less giant leaps and more incremental jumps. We've had pretty close to console-level graphics for a long time now, and the wow factor has somewhat diminished. Another problem is that, even though our devices are quite capable of pushing really impressive visuals, making games like that takes a lot of time and money, and in a market where most people expect games to be either free or very very cheap that's just not feasible. Finally, fancy graphics are more taxing on the hardware, which in turn kills your battery faster. With mobile devices being such an integral part of everyday life for most people, burning your battery down playing video games just isn't terribly practical in most cases. ..

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