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The TouchArcade Show - 268 - Moving Too Fast

July 29th, 2016 10:42 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in Podcast
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Last week was so packed with great iOS game releases that a lot of them actually spilled over into this week's podcast. It's all good though, as we're talking a solid hour of nothing but game chat. Those games include Severed [$5.99], Phoenix 2 [Free], Road Not Taken [$4.99], Tinker Island [Free], Duck Roll [Free], Snakebird [Free], Dunkers [Free], and last, but not least Snow Horse [$1.99].

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July 29th, 2016 7:30 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News
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Hey everyone, it's Friday and we're close to the end of the week of TouchArcade blasting stories out (unless anything cool happens over the weekend we need to cover), but the fact still remains: To survive, we very much need your support. The business of running a web site is tricky, and as we pointed out in our original cry for help, the way developers promote their iOS games has changed significantly with the rise of metrics-centric free to play and in-game directly tracked advertising. It's supremely difficult for us to compete with that, and as such, we've been appealing to our community directly. If you like hanging out on our forums, listening to our podcasts, or reading some of the best long-form content in mobile gaming, please consider supporting us on Patreon. We never hit our initial goal, but we've been slowly climbing none the less. We're hopeful we get there eventually!

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TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'The Quest HD'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game in a review, the game with the best graphics, or really any other quantifiable "best" thing. Instead, it's more just us picking out the single game out of the week's releases that we think is the most noteworthy, surprising, interesting, or really any other hard to describe quality that makes it worth having if you were just going to pick up one...

A couple of games with community elements released this past week, and if you want to join up with other readers, well, here is your chance. First up is Phoenix 2 [Free], the new shoot 'em up that we recently reviewed. The official TouchArcade community group is toucharcade, all one word and all lowercase. Any other spelling is a false group of heathens. Together, we at toucharcade shall rule the Phoenix 2 leaderboards and get those sweet rewards ever 72 hours or so. There's a forum thread where you can discuss with us...

Don't skip out on Bulb Boy [$2.99]. This iOS port of the 2015 grotesque-comedy-horror point-and-click adventure game is incredibly charming, when it's not trying to weird you out. It's not very difficult to beat, but it also doesn't overstay its welcome. The premise has you playing as the eponymous Bulb Boy, who finds the house he's staying at with his frail grandfather and flying bulb dog suddenly invaded by monsters, or perhaps some kind of symbiote from outer space. Bulb Boy wakes up, and there's suddenly weird arms coming out of the walls, giant headless chickens, and at least one giant poop monster. No joke. This is a game that's definitely got a flavor for the grotesque, and it's got horror elements to it as well. And the only way to solve the problems here is by collecting items, and using them on objects in the environment, experimenting to figure out what works! Just like any good point-and-click adventure. ..

Pixelbite's Tactical Shooter 'Space Marshals 2' Set to Release on August 25th

Pixelbite announced Space Marshals 2 a while back, but the game was announced to release in June. Spoiler alert: it's not really June any more. In fact, it's not really July any more. But the good news is that Space Marshals 2 is definitely still in the works, and it's set to release on August 25th. We only have the one screenshot posted by Pixelbite for the game, but hopefully footage will be forthcoming and soon...

'Quell Zen' Review - Peaceful Enough

July 29th, 2016 5:00 PM EDT by Chris Carter in $3.99, 3.5 stars, Games, iPad Games, iPhone games, Puzzle, Reviews, Universal
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Everyone gets their zen from their own special place. For me, that's usually listening to the latest Kenna album, grinding away in an MMO and leveling up a new character. It's relaxing in a way that it's probably crazy to basically anyone else, but if you shared some of your methods, you'd probably sound crazy too. So when a game bills itself as a zen-like experience, it's usually dubious of the claim given the subjectivity of its nature. With Quell Zen [$3.99] though, it mostly does its job, providing a puzzler veneer...

If you've been looking for a way to play official Dungeons & Dragons adventures on your mobile devices, Roll20 [Free (HD)] has just given you one. The developers of the virtual tabletop application have announced that they are now an officially licensed partner with Wizards of the Coast, which means you can now get official D&D content on the Roll20 platform. This partnership begins with the introductory adventure module Lost Mine of Phandelver, which you can buy directly from Roll20's Marketplace. The developers plan to bring even more D&D content to Roll20, including the upcoming adventure, Storm King's Thunder, which you can already preorder for $49.95...

I’m a pretty big mark for The Blacklist. It’s not amazing but it’s my kind of show. James Spader’s performance elevates the standard cool and suave genius character who always makes things go their way to something pretty unique and memorable with Raymond Reddington. The Blacklist makes sense to adapt as a narrative driven detective adventure game. While that isn’t what we have here, those elements are present. Some of the character dialogue comes off as super shallow and basic, but some of it could have honestly been lifted directly from the source material. I can practically hear Spader’s voice when Reddington talks. Unfortunately, all the good things this game has to offer are standing behind an FBI level freemium firewall that even Agent Aram with his L33T Haxxor skills couldn’t penetrate. This is The Blacklist: Conspiracy [Free]...

TouchArcade forum favorite developer Quantum Sheep has been hard at work on a few projects over the last year and a half. We've already heard about Angel Wing, which is still in development, but along the way, inspiration struck for another smaller-scale game. Titled Gerty - Robots in Love, it's a narrative-based adventure game set in the Air Supply universe. Playing as Gerty the robot, you need to roam the universe and find love, lest you face the wrath of your impatient parents. Oh, and along the way, you'll need to save your home planet from the Gatekeepers, who are determined to erase you and your home from existence...

Almost every time I write a story about the very entertaining card game Sentinels of Multiverse [$9.99 (HD)], someone in the comments will rightly inquire about the promised iPhone version of the game. Well, good news. Handelabra Games announced in a blog post that the 2.0 update, which makes the game universal, is coming Thursday, August 4th, the first day of Gencon. The developers didn't just hastily shove the game into the smaller iPhone screen; instead, they put a lot of effort into making it more than just "playable" on a phone. They redesigned the UI and did extensive beta testing to ensure that you'll be able to enjoy the game on your phone as much as you do on your tablet. I've played it a bit on my iPhone, and it does play great...

Yeah, you read that right. ReRunners: Race for the World [Free] is a massive multiplayer online platformer. Kind of. You never actually see other live players, but the world is populated and alive regardless. And it is freaking outstanding. I have been utterly hooked by this game for the last week. Not only is the actual gameplay smooth, fun, and functional, but the crazy, vibrant, psychedelic world that you’ll explore is almost worth the price of admission alone. Or it would be, if this game even had a price tag. There is a ton of expressive, creative content, with loads of customization options for your character and upgrades. I implore you to read on, my friends, for this is one of the most original games I’ve had the good fortune to be completely addicted to this year...

Blizzard sent us over some video to share of the new Hearthstone [Free] adventure, One Night in Karazhan. We've already posted a bunch of the cards and the full video of Ben Brode going over the different floors of Karazhan, but if you want to go just a little deeper, check out what it'll be like battling the Silverware Golem of Karazhan, complete with some of the new cards being used:..

With Disney Infinity's [Free] cancellation announced earlier this year, and the game's various online components, it was probably only a matter of time before news of the game's various shutdown dates would be revealed. And thanks to reader Brandon who sent us over an email sent to Disney Infinity customers, we know when services are being shut down and the apps will be pulled. On September 30th, the mobile and Apple TV versions of Disney Infinity 3.0 will be pulled, and the mobile versions will not work at all. The Apple TV version will work and be available until March 3, 2017. ..

'Snakebird' Review - Is it a Snake or is it a Bird?

July 29th, 2016 1:00 PM EDT by Chris Carter in 5 stars, Free, Games, iPad Games, iPhone games, Puzzle, Reviews
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Some mascots are better than others. Bubsy didn't really work out so well. What did we see in him so many years back? Did we see anything at all, and were we just hungry for mascots? I don't know, but I feel like someone needs to apologize. Ratchet? He's done some fine work and has survived for many years. Crash? He's back from the dead it seems, even if one part of his return involves a cameo in a Skylanders game...

We've already posted about the reveal of the new Hearthstone [Free] which happened last night at 11:00 PM Eastern. Why such a weird time? The reveal was streamed live from China Joy, a huge game convention in China. If (like me) you were sleeping when Ben Brode took the stage to talk about One Night in Karazhan, you can now watch the previously recorded reveal. There's a bit of a pre-show you can skip if you're not into that, the important part starts around the 31:00 mark in the video: ..

I’m a sucker for sci-fi horror settings, so when I saw this brutal app icon alongside colorful screenshots that really pop, I knew I had to go for this app. Wait, what’s that? And it’s a premium game with no in-app purchases? Oh Dead Shell, you say all the right things! I was excited to dive deep into the ghoulish landscape of Dead Shell: Roguelike RPG [$2.99] from the word go. Sadly, my excitement was met with a game that doesn’t really seem to know what it wants to be. It’s definitely an interesting game with a very cool premise, but that only takes you so far...

Well internet, you were right once again. In a stream that has just concluded, Blizzard announced the next Hearthstone [Free] Adventure, and it is, indeed, related to Karazhan and Medivh, as we had guessed when the event invitations went out. One Night in Karazhan, as is the official title, will take players all the way to Karazhan, Medivh's tower, for some "enchanted" single-player content. As the guest of Medivh, you'll be lavishly entertained, enjoying  wonderful feasts and Opera performances among other spectacles. As you can already tell, One Night in Karazhan will have a very different feel than League of Explorers and Blackrock Mountain; this one is all about partying under the disco balls...

If you're lucky enough to be up at 11 PM PDT today (which is in about an hour from now), you can watch Blizzard unveil the next Hearthstone [Free] Adventure live on Twitch. As we wrote a few days ago, Blizzard sent out an announcement inviting people to a "once-in-a-lifetime event that will be full of magic and celebration." "Please be prompt," the invitation concluded, "as we have an unforgettable adventure planned!" Since the invitation was sent out, Hearthstone players have been scouring it (and the Hearthstone Twitter account) for clues as to what's in store, and everyone seems to agree that we are getting something related to Karazhan, Medivh's tower. How Blizzard will approach this theme, though, remains to be seen...

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload, the weekly feature where everything opens up once you have the compass. Each week, we take a look at an RPG from the past of the App Store to see how it's doing in the here and now. It's a little bit of revisiting, a little bit of reflecting, and a chance to take a deeper dive than our reviews typically allow for. I try to present a balanced plate of games from week to week, but if you feel like I'm missing anything important, please let me know. You can do that by commenting below, posing in the Official RPG Reload Club thread in the forums, or by tweeting me at @RPGReload. The schedule is already set for the next several months, so you might not see your suggestion soon, but it will be added to the master list...

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