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Eclipses Are Coming! - The TouchArcade Show #320

August 18th, 2017 9:30 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in Podcast
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This week's show starts with some discussion surrounding the full eclipse a lot of the USA will see on Monday, it's related because iOS games are great to play while waiting for eclipses. I promise. From there, we chat a bit about Sonic Mania, the big news stories of the week, and five really rad games: Super Phantom Cat 2 [Free], Zlatan Legends [Free], Jazz Smash [Free], Piece Out [Free], and Data Wing [Free].

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TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Data Wing'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the highest scoring game in a review, the game with the best graphics, or really any other quantifiable "best" thing. Instead, it's more just us picking out the single game out of the week's releases that we think is the most noteworthy, surprising, interesting, or really any other hard to describe quality that makes it worth having if you were just going to pick up one...

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While we're primarily supported by a mixture of Patreon, Twitch subscriptions and Amazon referrals these days, site sponsors go a long way in making up for the funding shortfalls of our Patreon never reaching its goal. To show our appreciation, we are now publishing these posts thanking our sponsors each week- Both to give them a little extra visibility and hopefully to get readers who love TouchArcade to give their games a look to similarly support their efforts in allowing us to continue to provide everyone with awesome third party mobile games editorial which the App Store ecosystem badly needs...

Kabam definitely had lightning in a bottle with their most successful game, Marvel: Contest of Champions [Free]. It has been a resounding success since its birth on the App Store in 2014. However, now that it is nearing its official 3 year mark, many of the game's veteran players have been complaining about its lack of end-game content. It seems as though Kabam has come up with their solution to the aforementioned problem...

'Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition' Launches as Planned on Android, iOS Version Delayed Until Next Week

Each week as I'm putting together our weekly Out Now post it's inevitable that there's a handful of titles that we're expecting to launch but don't quite make it in time for that post, which goes up at around 11pm EST on Wednesday nights. That usually means that my Thursdays and Fridays are filled with me constantly checking the App Store to see when those "missing" games actually launch, and for the most part they trickle out by the time the weekend kicks off. We were expecting Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition to launch this week as that was what developer Nekki had originally told us, but unfortunately after refreshing their App Store page for the past two days it looks like it was all for naught as the iOS version has been officially delayed until next week...

A few weeks back Blizzard announced that it was going to make Hearthstone's [Free] Fireside Gatherings much cooler and easier to organize, and those improvements are going live as we speak (or read, or write, you know). Fireside Gatherings will now have Fireside Brawls, one-month long Brawls that will run alongside normal Tavern Brawls but will have no off days and will only be available for Fireside Gatherings. August's Fireside Brawl is A Frozen Recipe where players pick a pre-constructed deck built around a Death Knight card and filled with Frozen Throne cards (you can see all the decks here). Fireside Brawls will give people more reasons to actually get together and play rather than just doing it so they can play face-to-face...

Is the Infamous 'The Wild' Just Now Entering Development?

From all the games to have ever graced our forums, The Wild probably has the most tortured history filled with some highs and many, many lows. And even though every one of us considered the game gone in the wild, never to make it to the App Store, today the developers announced that they are "officially in development phase of The Wild," a statement that's surprising for quite a few reasons. First of all, is the game really back from the dead, again? And secondly, is it just now going into development even though it's been talked about for years? The developer Playerground Design Studios (formerly known as Toonuva Games) declare in today's Facebook post that the studio has been renamed to better reflect the mission of creating digital playgrounds and sandboxes and name Mini DAYZ, Don't Starve, and Cat Quest as instrumental in the studio's approach and design. Will this new beginning lead to an actual happy ending this time around? Well, we've been here many times before, so it remains to be seen...

HTML5 MMORPG 'Mad World' Shows Off Just How Cross-Platform It is in New Video

Just over a month ago, we posted the trailer for Mad World, an upcoming MMORPG that's built entirely in HTML5 and runs right in a browser on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and Linux (with more platforms likely to come). It was a truly visually impressive game based on what was shown in the trailer, and developer Jandisoft is hoping that Mad World will be the breakthrough title that actually realizes all the promise and potential of HTML5 for games. This week Jandisoft released a new video for Mad World that shows them testing the game on all of those available platforms, and it looks like the game will run just fine no matter where you're playing it...

The 32-bit scythe has claimed 3 more games today, PopCap's Solitaire Blitz, Peggle Classic, and the paid version of Plants vs Zombies. PopCap just announced that it will remove those three games from the App Store and Google Play today, but the games are already gone (at least from the App Store). So, if you were hoping to grab them before they disappear, you're out of luck. The announcement reminds players that they can still play the free version of Plants vs Zombies [Free], Plants vs Zombies 2, and Bejeweled Blitz. If you've downloaded the games in the past, you can still download them from your purchase history, but we're not sure if that will still be the case once you update to iOS 11...

I'm a firm believer in the ability of augmented reality (AR) and Apple's ARKit to change the way we play and consume entertainment, but I know we are still at an early stage and we haven't yet seen what the technology can do. Game Insight, the developer of the multiplayer first person shooter Guns of Boom [Free], has come up with a smart way of using AR and Apple's ARKit to bring Guns of Boom to life for those spectating. As you can see in the video below, the developers are using augmented reality to enable you to watch a 3D version of the unfolding action from an overhead rather than first person perspective. And as you move your device around, you get to see the events from different angles. If you want to, you can also watch the action from first person perspective, although I think overhead cameras make it more fun...

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series [$4.99] (again, longest title ever) is getting ready to give us Episode 3 next week, and today we got to see the trailer for More Than a Feeling. If you've played Episode 2 or read our review, you'll know that the series has been getting better and the last episode left us at quite the cliffhanger. If you watch the trailer below, you can figure out where that cliffhanger leads, so proceed at your own risk of spoilers. The trailer shows plenty of tension between the Guardians and their "associates" as well as the need to make some very momentous decisions that should really define the narrative's direction from here on, which is interesting given that this is just Episode 3...

We absolutely loved Squeenix's Final Fantasy: Record Keeper [Free] when it was first released in 2015. If you've never played it, they basically released a free to play Final Fantasy game that is packed to the brim with fan service. In fact, it'd be pretty accurate to describe the game as fan service wrapped around a classic battle system. If you've been playing all these years, you probably have loads of classic Final Fantasy characters unlocked. If not, now's a great time to get started...

'Tekken Mobile' Soft Launches in Canada, Global Pre-Registrations Now Live

It looks like Bandai Namco is giving Tekken on mobile another shot with a brand new game that has just soft launched. Tekken Mobile [] is a brand new Tekken game built from the ground up for iOS and Android. It has been developed by Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver. There's a is free to play and uses a Waza Card system and tapping for combos and special attacks. Each character has special moves that are unlockable and of course there's a story mode. Tekken is known for having a good story mode in addition to being a competent fighter. As expected, there are multiple in game currencies like Gems which are used to unlock fighter packs. The packs are like loot boxes here. Watch the trailer for it below:..

RPG Reload Special Edition - 'The RPG Reload 3rd Anniversary Special'

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload, the regular feature where we sometimes take a moment to check our status screens and admire our stats. While I had originally planned for this week's installment to continue our dive into the history of action-RPGs, it was brought to my attention that we passed another milestone this week. Our humble little corner of TouchArcade is now officially three years old, so I'd like to dedicate this week's column to a little navel-gazing in honor of that accomplishment. Put on your mystic caps of self-indulgence, friends, because we're going on a magic carpet ride of RPG Reload history! If you're here for the action-RPG series, we'll be returning to that next week...

Blizzard has turned the key and unlocked Hearthstone's [Free] Knights of the Frozen Throne second wing, and it's ready for all adventurers to come and take it on. The Upper Reaches wing is available for free (provided you've defeated the Missions from Week 1), and there are three bosses waiting for you: Blood Queen Lana'thel, Professor Putricide, and Sindragosa. The first boss turns you into a Vampire, which is pretty cool but comes with a catch: your Hero Power turns into Vampiric Bite that gives a non-Vampire minion +2/+2, but if you don't use it on a turn, you die. So, you should have plenty of cheap minions on the board at all times so you can bite away and stay alive...

Deckbuilding Game 'VEmpire: The Kings of Darkness' Getting Closer to Release

More than a year ago we wrote about an upcoming deckbuilding game called VEmpire: The Kings of Darkness, but it's been a while since we last heard about it. Well, it looks like the game is still under development and actually getting closer to release. The developer shifted resources to releasing a Steam version first (which is coming at the end of August), but iOS remains the main platform for VEmpire (at least according to him). After the game releases on Steam, he intends to go back to finishing the iOS version, although there is no date on when the game would release on mobile...

Every month, Elder Scrolls: Legends [Free] brings us a Chaos Arena, and the one for August is going to be live between tomorrow, August 18th, and August 21st. The Chaos Arena allows developers to bring us some crazy scenarios and lane conditions and makes PvP matches feel very different from your usual matches. Unlike Hearthstone's Tavern Brawl, Chaos Arena has a ton of different rules, and each match features one or more scenario rules or lane conditions. In other words, during those three days you can play all kinds of different arenas. Some of the rules have you switching decks with your opponent, shuffling cards into each deck, both players starting with more magicka than usual, and much more...

Pigeon Wings [$1.99] does so many things right, it's hard to pinpoint all of them and why they feel the way they do. First off the game is downright charming, and just the act of playing it puts a huge smile on my face. Second is that it controls impeccably well with a mixture of extremely fine-tuned tilt controls and screen taps. Third is that these qualities coupled with well-designed, bite-sized levels have turned the game into a hotbed of fierce competition, as has been playing out in the game's forum thread since its release a couple of weeks ago. A lot of this I think has to do with slow, iterative development, and as I mentioned when I first posted about Pigeon Wings a little over a month ago the game took over 2 years to complete. ..

Minecraft's [$6.99] Marketplace continues to grow month after month, and today it got some fun maps and survival spawns. The first one is a Monster Battle Arena, which turns you into a crazy scientist experimenting on poor mobs. Specifically, this map gives you a nicely constructed arena with a ton of mobs stored in its lower levels and a ton of levers ready for you to start pulling. This map allows you to play out the "who would win" kind of scenarios by allowing you to have mobs fight each other. You can have zombies and witches fight it out, or spiders versus zombie pigmen, and so on. And if you don't want to just sit and watch, you can use this arena to test your skills against waves of different enemies. There are also two survival spawns for you to try out, one that's a stranded sub and one that's a post-meteorite impact crater...

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